Sunday, May 31, 2009

I...I....I don't know what to say?

There are times when a narrator needs to use few words and let the dumbassery display itself.

With that I present to you the Hip Hop duo of Stiltz and Serious C from The Young Conservatives.

I really hope I receive an E-mail from these guys saying "Dude, this is just a stoopid joke you fell for".


At 12 June, 2009 15:51, Blogger Terry said...

Just more Marxist B.S. Grow up. Get a JOB and PAY taxes (something Demoncrats seem to have a hard time doing, based upon appointments of the current Obamunist regime). Then come back and talk about the evils of conservatism.

At 14 June, 2009 16:06, Blogger Wek said...

This hurts my feelings, Terry. I pay a sales tax each and every time I buy a bag of Cheetos at 7-Eleven.


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