Sunday, May 17, 2009

Round Two: CR of the Year

Sorry. A couple days late updating the College Republican of the Year nominees, but weekends happen. Also, please notice that OYE favorite, Leigh Wolf, has been nominated.

We're pulling for you Leigh even though that picture of you looks terrible.
From: Will Crosswell, College Republicans
Date: Fri, May 15, 2009 at 12:07 AM
Subject: Round Two


Yesterday we introduced you to the first four of the Top 12 nominees for College Republican of the Year. We received 4,066 votes and we'rejust getting started.

Please take a minute to read about our next four nominees and cast your vote for the most deserving College Republican.

Introducing our next four nominees:

Jessica Bender, Arizona State University: Jessica is serving asArizona State University's College Republican Vice President-Chair of Chapter Relations.

John Kleinhans, Lyndon State College: John is serving as the State Chairman of the Vermont College Republicans.

Matt Rubin, University of Toledo: Matt is serving as University of Toledo's College Republican chapter President.

Leigh Wolf, San Francisco State University: Leigh is the former Co-Chair of the California College Republicans.

Don't lose your opportunity to vote in Round Two. Cast your vote for one of these nominees today. Remember, you have 24 hours after receiving this email to vote.


Will Crosswell
National Field Director
College Republican National Committee


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