Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Pilot Program Pads Army Recruiting

Legal immigrants with targeted skill sets have stepped up.
Late last week, the teenager walked into a recruiting office in an Eagle Rock mall wearing a pendant shaped like a dog tag around his neck. Until recently, local recruiters would have had to turn him away. His student visa would not have qualified him to enlist. Only citizens or permanent residents who carry green cards were eligible to serve.

But starting today, 10 Los Angeles-area Army recruiting offices will begin taking applications from some foreigners who are here on temporary visas or who have been granted asylum.


At 16 May, 2009 17:00, Anonymous David K. M. Klaus said...

It was like that back in the '70s -- I met lots of ex-Korean Army soldiers who told me they joined the U. S. Army to gain U. S. citizenship.

It makes sense. If someone originally from another country loves the United States enough to take up arms in their defense even before he or she is a citizen, it's likely he or she will take the other responsibilities of citizenship just as seriously.

P. S. I messed up the first posting of this comment, please delete it. Sorry.


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