Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Don't make this harder than it should be

Congress may revisit a past ruling that allows Military Recruiters access to high school students.
Mary Adams doesn't want her daughter hearing pitches from military recruiters as she completes her high school education.

"They promise them all kinds of benefits without telling them of the risks," said Adams, a registered nurse whose daughter is a sophomore at a high school in Rochester, N.Y.

Thomas Gregory disagrees. Three years ago, he feared losing his son to
the streets. But thanks to a meeting with a military recruiter, his son gained a
career, an education and a brighter future.

"This is not a numbers game, as I've heard, and we're not creating
killers. What we are creating is citizens for tomorrow," Gregory said during a
February meeting of the Rochester Board of Education, which is considering
whether to limit recruiters' access to contact information for high school

OYE Comment: Without question Military Recruiters have a difficult, very important job. We will happily highlight anyone in Congress that may attempt to make a recruiters work more arduous.


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