Wednesday, June 17, 2009

DADT Jackazz of the Week

It's really pathetic when an old goon doesn't recognize that the times have passed him by.
I don't understand what the big deal is. All you have to do is not tell anyone if you're gay. You can be gay in your private life, but in most cases as long as you don't advertise it, no problem.

I've never been in the military, but I know enough about it to say that most service members don't spend most of their time in foxholes but rather in situations and environments that resemble civilian workplaces, where I've been for 40 years.

OYE Comment: Wow! He bravely sat in an office for 40 years. IM-PRESS-IVE.

Essentially what he's saying is as long as you STFU and stop thinking like a member of the Village People you can stay in The Military. Notice though he conveniently fails to address that if someone in civilian life says "I'm gay" they get to keep their job. In the Military, not so much.

Regardless of this idiot, it's not as though Congress and President Obama are stepping up to the plate on this issue either.


At 02 July, 2009 14:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, come on now, not all civilian jobs are safe. My current job, as a civilian, new location, second morning I was hugging the ground pretty close, watching mortars dropping across a field moving towards me. Not the best introduction to a new workplace. A bit nerve wracking MOF. Though a damned sight worse for the guys in the Humvee that was hit square in the windshield. What's the odds on that, anyhow, in a moving vehicle? OFC, got to admit, most ppl don't work in Iraq.


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