Sunday, June 22, 2008

IRR Soldier Refuses Deployment


Last month, Chiroux rejected an order calling him back to active duty in Iraq, saying he considers the war "illegal and unconstitutional."

Chiroux served five years in the army, with tours in Afghanistan, Japan, Germany and the Philippines.

He was honorably discharged last year and was placed in the Individual Ready Reserves (IRR), a pool of former soldiers who can be "reactivated" in a national emergency or war.

Prior to the
Iraq war, IRR members were rarely recalled to active duty, according to the Military Times, an independent newspaper for members of the US armed forces and their families.

OYE Comment: We are aware of the arguments for why Mr. Chiroux should accept his orders (he's abandoning his comrades; he knew this when he signed the contract; et cetera). We are also aware of the arguments supporting his decision to disobey his orders (he did his time, send someone else; he's standing behind his principles; et cetera). For this post we would like to avoid this debate and focus on the question of "If there were enough enlistees entering the Armed Forces would it be necessary to mobilize the IRR?" Your comments are welcome.


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