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Questions for Senator Obama

Democratic Presidential Candidate Senator Barack Obama [IL] delivered the Commencement Address at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT, May 25, filling in for Senator Ted Kennedy [D-MA], on Service to One's Country.
There are so many ways to serve and so much need at this defining moment in our history. You don’t have to be a community organizer or do something crazy like run for President. Right here at Wesleyan, many of you have already volunteered at local schools, contributed to United Way, and even started a program that brings fresh produce to needy families in the area. One hundred and sixty-four graduates of this school have joined the Peace Corps since 2001, and I’m especially proud that two of you are about to leave for my father’s homeland of Kenya to bring alternative sources of energy to impoverished areas.

I ask you to seek these opportunities when you leave here, because the future of this country – your future – depends on it. At a time when our security and moral standing depend on winning hearts and minds in the forgotten corners of this world, we need more of you to serve abroad. As President, I intend to grow the Foreign Service, double the Peace Corps over the next few years, and engage the young people of other nations in similar programs, so that we work side by side to take on the common challenges that confront all humanity.

[ . . . ]

At a time of war, we need you to work for peace. At a time of inequality, we need you to work for opportunity. At a time of so much cynicism and so much doubt, we need you to make us believe again.

Now understand this - believing that change is possible is not the same as being naïve. Go into service with your eyes wide open, for change will not come easily. On the big issues that our nation faces, difficult choices await. We’ll have to face some hard truths, and some sacrifice will be required – not only from you individually, but from the nation as a whole.

[ . . . ]

You know, Ted Kennedy often tells a story about the fifth anniversary celebration of the Peace Corps. He was there, and he asked one of the young Americans why he had chosen to volunteer. And the man replied, “Because it was the first time someone asked me to do something for my country.”

I don’t know how many of you have been asked that question, but after today, you have no excuses. I am asking you, and if I should have the honor of serving this nation as President, I will be asking again in the coming years. We may disagree on certain issues and positions, but I believe we can be unified in service to a greater good. I intend to make it a cause of my presidency, and I believe with all my heart that this generation is ready, and eager, and up to the challenge.
Blogger Jon Keller noticed the same thing we did:
So I guess it's just me wondering -- how on earth do you give a speech on that topic and not mention our country's most widespread and important form of public service and sacrifice, military service?

Maybe Obama didn't want to go there because of the unfortunate political contrast between himself and John McCain when it comes to military service and knowledge, an unflattering comparison that left Obama on the short end of a recent political exchange over veterans' benefits. Or maybe the senator - for reasons I can't fathom - didn't think of Wesleyan students as the type who might consider serving their country this way. Or maybe military service simply doesn't spring to mind for Obama or his handlers when they think of laudable sacrifice and contribution to the public good. And maybe that's what a justifiably war-weary electorate wants come November, a commander-in-chief who doesn't have the military on his cultural radar. Or maybe they're not quite so moved by such self-indulgent narcissism, and are shaking over Obama's speech for different reasons.
OYE Comment:

We certainly hope that Sen. Obama will address this issue, as presumptive Republican nominee Sen. McCain has, which is conspicuous in its absence. Here's what Sen. Obama says about Building a 21st Century Military on his website. But he has not yet called upon real Americans at least to consider military service, in the same way he has for other forms of service.

We've certainly heard many College and Young Republicans talk about the many ways to serve our nation, but anyone - of either party - who seeks to lead America must fulfill the obligations of our Commander in Chief.

If you know of anything Sen. Obama has said that directly addresses our topic, please click here. Thank you.



At 30 May, 2008 17:43, Blogger Groenhagen said...

Like most Democrats, Obama, who never served in the military, does not see military service as worthwhile service to the nation. If given truth serum, he, like most leftists, would admit that he hates the military.

At 31 May, 2008 09:45, Blogger Grung_e_Gene said...

Rawr, Must transfer Clinton Hatred to Obama!

---- Slam Obama for not serving in Military ----

Prrr, Groenhagen feel much better now.

Baaaahhh, Republicians Gooood, Democrats Baaaad!

At 31 May, 2008 12:40, Anonymous lisa said...

Groenhagen...didn't you get the memo...we don't have a draft. Now Bush and his friends could be bothered to go to their war...when there was a draft.

I happen to be a lefty person, and I love the military. In fact, it pays my bills, and has been for more than your few years in the military. I love people who are in the military, couldn't handle it for more than a couple of years, and then act all hoaah. Sad, really.

lisa (and yes, that is my real name)

At 31 May, 2008 12:43, Anonymous lisa said...

Opps...Should be-Now, Bush and his friends COULDN'T be bothered to go to their war.

Proof-reading would be a good idea.;)


At 31 May, 2008 13:44, Anonymous Ernie1812 said...

No need to pay attention to Gro--never seen combat but likes to fck over the troops--enhagen, including his sad attempts to imply my comments aren't directed to him. He just likes to bully people and imply that he's been in the shit. All the while conveniently evading the fact that he avoided actually serving in ANY of the very plentiful wars during his lifetime. But, I'm sure he'll tell you imaginative "war stories" of "rough" barracks life in 1983 while he shamelessly wears his "cold war veteran" hat. He's just what's known in the corps as a 'buddy f**ker.'

Groen, why do you hate the troops so much? Is it because we're the men you never were and always wished to be? Maybe in the next life you'll man up and not skip out on all these wonderful wars.

Semper Fi, chickensh*t

Sgt. 1st Tanks USMC
OEF 2001-2002
OIF 2003

Iraq/Afghanistan vet to Groen: "Seen much combat?"
Groen's answer: "I've seen a little on tv."

At 31 May, 2008 14:35, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bombastic Powerline nationalist

Dogmatic Bush league idolitrist

Walter Mitty/Stormtrooper fantasist

a rude belligerent converstionalist

To logic he is an abortionist

To YE ass he is protectionist.

To progress he is an obstructionist

Like some George III monarchist

With words he is a contortionist

gibberish for a deconstructionist

blowing a corporate extortionist.

To truth, he is an antagonist.

31 May, 2008 14:30

At 31 May, 2008 16:57, Blogger Groenhagen said...


The military pays your bills? Are you a bargirl in Japan?

At 31 May, 2008 17:03, Blogger Groenhagen said...


Still continuing the lie that I never saw combat?

Ernie, you're still repeating the same nonsense. If you're going to continue copying and pasting insults here, at least have the cojones to use your real name. None of you Green Baboons seems to have the courage to do that. Are you afraid it will expose the fact that you are all just a bunch of College Democrats who never served a day in the military?

And Lisa, you can't really criticize Bush's TANG service when your hero Bill Clinton was a veritable draft dodger who lied to a Bataan Death March survivor to avoid military service.

At 31 May, 2008 19:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The world,Groeney will misobserve

While libeling Vets without reserve

Defending slackers shows some nerve

When It's our country they disserve

When away from duty, they do swerve

With tired excuses lacking verve

Social Darwin the gospel they serve

Put us all on a regression curve

Their own asses they will preserve

To go loot the Federal Reserve.

"C-word" a label they don't deserve

WTF do they purport to "conserve"?

At 31 May, 2008 19:36, Blogger Groenhagen said...


Note that the only ones who have denigrated veterans in this thread are Lisa and Ernie. Lisa denigrated those who did not serve beyond four years, while Ernie denigrated all veterans who served during the Cold War era.

At 01 June, 2008 00:53, Anonymous lisa said...

Darling Groenhagen, no, I'm not a bargirl in Japan. Not very clever of you. But I will say, I lived in Japan for three years, and did go to a bar...does that count.

My husband is in the Army (that's why I lived in Japan) and is leaving for Iraq soon, very soon. I know that you will call me a lair, you like to do that, but it is true. After nearly 17 years in the Army, I think I can comment on people like you. I don't denigrade those who served for four years, I denigrade those who serve for four years, in the 80's, and think they know everything about the Military. Sorry, you have no clue. If you did, you would demand that your little young Repubs need to sign on the dotted line.

As for Clinton, he took a school deferrment, like Mr. Cheney. Unlike Mr. Cheney, he put his name back on the list when his deferrment was completed. You can't have it both ways. Bush was in a champaign (is that spelled right ;)) unit. I was a little kid in the 70's and I remember the Guard beinging called that. Todays Guard is not our father's Guard. Oh, may I add, nice on moving the arguement to Clinton. I never metioned Clinton. Again, not very clever. You need to work on your skills. Maybe you could try to find someone else. Clinton is so old.


At 01 June, 2008 19:06, Blogger Groenhagen said...


" I don't denigrade those who served for four years, I denigrade those who serve for four years, in the 80's, and think they know everything about the Military."

It was very dishonest of you to imply that YOU have served in the military. In fact, you did denigrate all veterans who did not serve beyond three or four years:

"I love people who are in the military, couldn't handle it for more than a couple of years, and then act all hoaah."

So, all the World War II veterans who did not reenlistment after their first tours "couldn't handle it"? I guarantee your husband have never seen and will never see the type of action all WW II veterans saw.

"As for Clinton, he took a school deferrment, like Mr. Cheney."

You're ignorant. From "Sins of the Husband":

During the fall of 1991, the national press began asking questions about Clinton’s avoidance of the draft. George Stephanopoulos, a Clinton cam-paign senior adviser, noted in his memoirs that he urged Clinton to provide better, cleaner answers. “You would have thought I had called Clinton a draft dodger,” Stephanopoulos wrote. “Hillary spoke first, and she was incensed. ‘Bill’s not going to apologize for being against the Vietnam War!’ Ignited by her intensity, Clinton launched into a red-faced tirade against the war and said he’d rather lose the race than say it was right.”
Clinton had been telling the press and his own staff that he never received a deferment because he decided to take his chance in the lottery instead. That lie was exposed in February 1992 when ABC reporter Mark Halperin handed Stephanopoulos a copy of Clinton’s letter to Army Colonel Eugene Holmes.* Holmes was the director of the University of Arkansas Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program in 1969 when Clinton sought his help in avoiding the draft. Clinton had received his second draft notice (he claims he received the first too late while he was in England) and had an induction date of July 28, 1969. Holmes, after receiving pressure from Sen. William Fulbright, a Rhodes scholar and former president of the University of Arkansas, agreed to accept Clinton into the ROTC on July 17, 1969, with the understanding that Clinton would complete basic training the following summer. Clinton’s draft notice was nullified and his draft board reclassified him 1-D (reservist de-ferment) on August 7, 1969.
Having avoided the draft, Clinton returned to England for the second year of his Rhodes Scholarship program. While there, he met Father Richard McSorley, an antiwar Jesuit who had taken a sabbatical to visit peace groups throughout the world. Both Clinton and McSorley participated in an antiwar demonstration at the U.S. Embassy. The following day they marched back to the embassy and left white crosses to symbolize the deaths of Americans.
According to McSorley in his 1979 book Peace Eyes, Clinton was one of the organizers of the demonstration, which had the support of British peace organizations such as the British Peace Council, an arm of the KGB-backed World Peace Council.
On December 1, 1969, a lottery drawing—the first since 1942—was held at Selective Service National Headquarters in Washington, D.C. With the new lottery system, Clinton realized that the odds were now in his favor. Two days after the lottery drawing, he wrote his infamous letter to Holmes. “First, I want to thank you, not just for saving me from the draft, but for be-ing so kind and decent to me last summer, when I was as low as I have ever been,” Clinton wrote. “One thing which made the bond we struck in good faith somewhat palatable to me was my high regard for you personally. In retrospect, it seems that the admiration might not have been mutual had you known a little more about me, about my political beliefs and activities. At least you might have thought me more fit for the draft than for ROTC.”
“I decided to accept the draft in spite of my beliefs for one reason: to maintain my political viability within the system,” Clinton continued. “For years I have worked to prepare myself for a political life characterized by both practical political ability and concern for rapid social progress. It is a life I still feel compelled to try to lead.”

"Oh, may I add, nice on moving the arguement (sic) to Clinton. I never metioned Clinton. Again, not very clever. You need to work on your skills. Maybe you could try to find someone else. Clinton is so old."

Hey, airhead. This thread is about Obama, yet you mentioned Bush before I mentioned Clinton. Not too sharp, are you?

At 02 June, 2008 00:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Swabies will sing "anchors Away"

While YE's jaw at the frat soirée

Got all the toys in Santa's sleigh

About the Nanny State they yap away

All the chumps that they will play

all the weak on which they can prey

Wanton cowardice is put on display

When America calls, they run away

Stale talking points he can flay

Desperately keeping truth at bay

A brother in charge, to his dismay

Fears President Obama like the KKK

He pulls hard for neo-cons to stay

And Keep on sticking it to the USA

At 02 June, 2008 00:21, Anonymous lisa said...

I just said the military pays my bills, and it does. And please don't insult me. It's just plain rude. I don't allow my children to act like that. I may be an airhead...I think my son would agree, but at least I'm honest.

go fight with someone else. Never insult me again. As far as WWII vets, they did alot more than you. Never, ever try to equate yourself to them. My grandfather and Uncle David (that would be my great-uncle that I have called uncle since I can remember) were vets. They deserve better than you.

And back to the original insult that you set off with...there is NO DRAFT...Obama DID NOT have to serve in the military. That is not a requirement to be the president. With a few exceptions, the presidents who served in the military did so at a young age. I've never understood the argument that military training was needed to be president. Poppy Bush served when he was very young, but didn't make a career out of it. We are proud of his service, but how did that get him ready for the presidency? I would say that all the other things he did throughout his life got him ready for the presidency.



At 02 June, 2008 10:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kevy, Kevy, Kevy...still trying to get someone...ANYONE not a family member to read that "book," eh?


At 02 June, 2008 13:35, Blogger Groenhagen said...

Great item on this issue concerning Obama.

At 02 June, 2008 13:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For those studying tactics, that is a classic Groeney Class 4 (mindless repetition of right-wing talking point).


At 02 June, 2008 13:45, Blogger Groenhagen said...


"And please don't insult me. It's just plain rude."

You know, you can't insult someone else and then ask him not to respond in kind.

"go fight with someone else. Never insult me again."

There you go again. You responded to my post, not vice versa. If you didn't want a fight, you should not have responded to my post in an insulting manner.

" As far as WWII vets, they did alot more than you. Never, ever try to equate yourself to them."

You missed the point, airhead. I was not comparing World War II veterans to myself. I was clearly comparing their service to your husand's. Here is what I wrote: "I guarantee your husband has never seen and will never see the type of action all WW II veterans saw."

"And back to the original insult that you set off with...there is NO DRAFT...Obama DID NOT have to serve in the military. That is not a requirement to be the president."

Well, duh. I have been making that point since I starting posting on this silly blog. I noted long ago that FDR failed to serve in uniform during World War I, yet he led this nation during World War II. I can't get any of the Green Baboons to say that FDR was a chhickenhawk, though. My point regarding Obama was that he did not serve because he dislikes the military. I do, however, enjoy the hypocrisy of you defending Obama's lack of service after you attacked my four years in the Marines.

"I've never understood the argument that military training was needed to be president."

Yes, I never understood why the Kerry campaign tried to make that argument in 2004, especially when Kerry still owes the Navy nine months in Vietnam.

At 02 June, 2008 13:47, Blogger Groenhagen said...


"Kevy, Kevy, Kevy...still trying to get someone...ANYONE not a family member to read that "book," eh?"

Well, you can lead a horse to water.... Imagine if lisa had read the book. If she had, she would not have made that ignorant comment concerning Clinton avoiding the draft because he received student deferments.

At 02 June, 2008 13:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Same old Kevy...just dying for attention...

Your ad hominems are ALL classic Groeneys.


At 02 June, 2008 14:21, Blogger Groenhagen said...


Was lisa incorrect about Clinton's draft status? If not, pointing out that she was wrong is not an ad hominem attack.

And when are you finally going to prove that you have been published? I've been asking for the proof now for two weeks. I think it's now time to conclude that this was yet another one of your lies.

At 02 June, 2008 14:33, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kevy, Kevy, Kevy...You really, really need some education...I am more than willing to do that for you over at the "special thread."


At 03 June, 2008 00:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personal responsibility is not a big gag

Or just some narrow partisan nag

when approval numbers sag

and enlistment quotas lag

Yellow Elephants should be at Ft Bragg

Patriotic duty is such a drag

theres always another beer to shag

another sorority deb to bag

Another liberal to slag

Meet Ann Coulter Damn what a hag!

as talk gets tough the fingers wag

when talking stops their asses drag

putting up walls made from the flag

About Ron's legacy nothing to brag

Cold dead hands clutching a Corporate gift bag

At 03 June, 2008 17:55, Blogger Groenhagen said...

"About Ron's legacy nothing to brag"

I guess Dogface liked the Soviet Union.

At 04 June, 2008 00:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like a rooster taking credit for the dawn

With all their blood and treasure withdrawn

From a downtrodden people freedom did spawn.

An archaic system who's time had passed on.

It had very little to do with Ron

That's not the story the myth-makers pawn

About which the pundits self-servingly fawn

As a far right picture of history is drawn

With statistics more juiced than Mo Vaughn

About trivial Dem gaffes, Groeney will rage on.

His nose glowing just like Yongbyon

While capital crimes of the GOP, elicit a yawn.

Not a big fish , just a little prawn.

He couldn't be a jockey on the white House lawn

At 04 June, 2008 13:52, Blogger Groenhagen said...

Dogface probably thinks Carter brought down the communism by boycotting the 1980 Olympics. Or maybe Harkin and Kerry did it when they cozied up to Daniel Ortega. Or maybe Ted Kennedy did it when he proposed to help Andropov bring down Reagan.

Any fool can make a rhyme. The art of reason is much more difficult. None of the Green Baboons has mastered it.

At 04 June, 2008 14:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kevy, Kevy, Kevy...

You're just jealous because people are actually reading Doggie's stuff. As to the "art of reason," you'd have a problem making a cogent argument even if I spotted you a "paint by numbers" set.


At 04 June, 2008 16:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As usual, Groeny misrepresents

And proves once again he's mighty dense

He cant make rhymes and he can't make sense

Truthful statments make him wince

Lacking both verve and commonsense

Loads of psuedo-intellectual prentese

Always quick to take offense

A list of stale cliches will soon commence

Constant anger makes him tense

Wants green baboons behind a razor wire fence

Can crawl back in the hole he came from whence

Satirical, like Shakespeare in past tense

Performs public service that's immense

Like making Lieberman choke on his blintz

At 04 June, 2008 16:24, Blogger Groenhagen said...


"You're just jealous because people are actually reading Doggie's stuff."

Why would I be jealous when you're obviously reading my stuff as well? You need to think before you post.

At 04 June, 2008 16:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please forgive me Kevy...You are correct that folks read your stuff's just that no one, aside from your daddy & uncle, have read any of lil Kevy's OTHER stuff.


At 04 June, 2008 17:11, Blogger Groenhagen said...


You just made my point, airhead. You're doing the Green Baboons proud.

At 04 June, 2008 17:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kevy, Kevy,'re making less sense than usual. I've offered repeatedly to assist you in developing coherent arguments but your continue to say like a 4 year old, "I kin do it myself!"

At 04 June, 2008 17:25, Blogger Groenhagen said...


A thinking person would have gotten my point, squirt.

At 04 June, 2008 17:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's the funny part, lil Kevy...No one gets your point because the only way you can get anyone to read anything you write is for you to come to this site...


At 07 June, 2008 14:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey goanadhag, Larry Craig called he said you still owe him a reach around. Your such a Douch.


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