Friday, May 23, 2008

Thanks to TSA for Supporting Our Troops

Yes, we're well aware of that awful situation at Oakland [CA] International Airport last September 27, where Hawaii-based troops on a chartered aircraft en route home from Iraq were not allowed into the terminal (where food and drink were available, most likely - thanks to the generosity of real Americans waiting there - for free).

On the other hand, in the land of Dilbert, it's clear it was a management problem but the public attention has probably resulted in policy changes, or at least clarifications [and greater competence, etc.], which we applaud. It certainly won't happen again.

We'd also like to salute working-level Transportation Security Administration [TSA] employees and airline reps at airports all over America who help real Americans welcome home their troops. [We hope you'll understand why we won't say exactly where.] They do this by arranging for families with homemade signs to go straight to the gate for the reunion. Seeing this, everyone else applauds.

When you welcome home your hero, please make a homemade sign so that everyone else can show their support. Get there early and bring your IDs, etc., so the working-level TSA staff and airline reps have enough time to do the right thing.

Real Americans eligible to serve need to know that the American people Support Our Troops; some may even consider Becoming One.


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