Tuesday, December 04, 2007

OYE Salutes a Real American

From Jerry Large's November 29 column in The Seattle Times:

New Marine Deserves Our Salute

Steve Hellwig is a lanky teenager full of wide-eyed enthusiasm. [...] He graduated from Decatur High School in Federal Way last June and decided to join the Marines.

The choice ran counter to his family's view of the war in Iraq.

"A lot of my family, including myself, doesn't necessarily agree with the reason we went to Iraq," he said.

But he wanted to support the troops who have to do the fighting, and to help this country keep the commitment it made to the people of Iraq.

"How can I argue with a guy who's thinking like that?" his father, Ray Hellwig, asked. "I'm darned proud of him."

OYE Comment:

So are we. And we wish him, and his family, all the best.

Let's be honest: Colin Powell was right: We broke it; we own it. It's time for our country to look - and move - forward.

Those, such as Steve Hellwig, who lead from the front, will be recognized by the American people as true leaders who merit our support.

If the future leaders of our current governing party no longer care about America because our country will inaugurate a new President in 412 days, well, it's time for them to stop pretending - now - that the country cares about them.

No wonder Jenna Bush doesn't want a White House wedding.


At 07 December, 2007 12:37, Blogger Grung_e_Gene said...

Sadly, brave young men like Steve, others not likely to be able to afford college and those who allow their minds to be directed by Chickenhawk Warmongers who "bloviate" on TV; are the Americans who allow the Warfare State to continue the Drive for Empire.

Good Luck to Steve, tell him to avoid the 03xx MOS field...


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