Sunday, December 02, 2007

How TSA at SeaTac Supports Our Troops

Slightly OT, but we hope you'll forgive us.

From KOMOTV's Ken Schram: Someone Should Be Fired.

I don't think things can get more screwed up with airport security.

This isn't about how investigators were able to smuggle liquid explosives and detonators past TSA screeners earlier this year.

It's about the atrocious treatment endured by some Fort Lewis soldiers who were escorting the remains of a colleague home to Virginia earlier this month.

Brief background: On the tarmac, an honor guard had been formed by Port of Seattle Police, airport fire and rescue and military personnel as the soldier's body was placed on the plane.

A police officer then took the escort soldiers up to security.

The TSA screener checked everyone's ID, including the police officer, and then had the soldiers go through the metal detectors.

Their combat ribbons and medals set off the alarms.

So what does the TSA screener do?

He has the soldiers strip off their uniforms - in front of everyone - down to their tee shirts, pants and socks.

Will someone please tell me what the hell is wrong with these people?

How does some inept, insensitive idiot with the IQ of room temperature even get a TSA job?

That TSA screener should have his ass fired.

And those soldiers deserve at least an apology.

Hat tip to News of the Weird.


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Oh my gods.


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