Friday, November 23, 2007

A Day Late on the Recipe

Jon Soltz, from, offers a recipe on How To Make A Chickenhawk.


· 1 whole chicken

· Handful of juniper berries (to represent the berries on Rush Limbaugh's butt that 'kept him' from serving in Vietnam)

· A can of "au jus" (to represent France -- where Mitt Romney fled to avoid the draft)

· Mustard, Relish, Onions, Tomato (all the toppings of a Chicago hot-dog, which Richard Perle ate plenty of when he got out of Vietnam by attending the University of Chicago)

· Crisco (to represent the weight that Fred Kagan will drop when he heads to basic training once he decides it's actually worth personally fighting this war)

· Three Pinches of Rosehip (for Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, and Elizabeth Hasselbeck who all are apparently too delicate to sacrifice for America)

Rub all the ingredients on the chicken, and sprinkle with powdered sugar to represent George Bush's disappearance from the Texas Air National Guard, when he apparently had a problem with.... well, you know. Then, let it sit and find "other priorities," like Dick Cheney said he had when the nation needed him to fight in Vietnam.

OYE Comment: If Jon has aspirations of becoming a chef, we encourage him to abandon the thought and to continue his work with A stoner with the munchies couldn't be convinced to sample this Chickenhawk.

OYE will be happy to review any Yellow Elephant recipes for the upcoming holiday season (just don't expect us to take a bite).


At 24 November, 2007 10:00, Blogger Karl said...

Yellow Elephants only write, and publicize, the recipes; they don't even "taste test" the results themselves.

After all, it's for "other people" to take the chance.


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