Thursday, November 15, 2007

October 2007 Recruiting Stats: No Surge Here!

DoD announced our military's recruiting and retention statistics for October 2007, the first month of the Fiscal Year 2008 recruiting year [ending September 30, 2008].

All services met or exceeded their goals, which are seasonally adjusted. The active-duty Army exceeded its goal of 4,500 by 64 [total 4,564] and the active-duty Marine Corps exceeded its goal of 2,720 by 68 [total 2,788]. The Air Force and Navy hit their targets exactly, i.e., as soon as they got the last new recruit they needed, they stopped.

OYE Comment:

We understand that the number of Army recruits in the pipeline [Delayed Entry Program] has dropped to a very low level. If our national civilian political leaders really care about the future of our country beyond January 20, 2009 or, worse, the next Election on November 4, 2008, they are certainly not showing that.


At 18 November, 2007 14:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There has been a surge in desertions and suicides.

At 18 November, 2007 15:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you want real fun just go on any republican blog and make a post asking for the authors military service record.. if it is like my queries it will be removed immediately... cause they have none

At 19 November, 2007 01:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

but there has been an insurge somewhere around here.......

At 19 November, 2007 10:46, Blogger Karl said...

anonymous (18 November, 2007 15:12)-

Why don't you ask the author on a Republican blog whether he has considered volunteering for military service? Then see how, or whether, he responds.

That'll tell you a lot.

At 20 November, 2007 18:58, Anonymous Samwise Galenorn said...

It seems interesting that the recruiters barely made their quota, with no mention of the forced retention of people trying to leave the military.
If people were allowed to leave when their term expired without being forced to stay in, what would the real numbers be?
(silence silence from the right winged commentators...)


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