Monday, December 03, 2007

The Israeli 'elite' don't need OYE

Israeli, Shahar Peer, has won over 1.5 million dollars in prize money since becoming a professional tennis player in 2004 and is currently ranked 17th in the world. A year ago she joined Israel's Military as a 19 year old.

"There is no question," Ms. Peer said. "I want to do my part."

Shahar is one of the world's busiest athletes, spending her mornings as a military administrative secretary and the afternoons practicing tennis. "It's obvious that Shahar Peer is not going to be sent off to protect the state's borders," Maj. Shirley Shapira, Peer's direct commander said. "But service in the army is a mission in Israel, and everyone gives as much as they can."

Ok, Henry Hager and Benjamin Johnson, isn't it time that you Be A Man! Enlist!

H/T to USA Today


At 03 December, 2007 20:44, Blogger Karl said...

Good for her!

At 03 December, 2007 20:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, she's serving in the military AND practicing tennis? That kind of shoots down the whole "I had other priorities" argument, doesn't it?

At 09 December, 2007 19:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"But... but... isn't it just as important to NOT serve and urge more war?" - Typical Republican


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