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Duty. Honor. Country. Family.

In November of 2006 Spc. Alejandro Albarran lost part of his right leg to a bomb in Iraq. With the likelihood of being assigned a desk job, the infantryman has yet to decide if he will remain with The Army. "Right now, I'm leaning against it," he said.
Whatever he decides, he won't be leaving Army life behind - because his wife has enlisted to take his place in uniform.

"After everything he's gone through - and he loves the Army - he kind of inspired me," said Janay Albarran. "I made him a promise that I would finish what he started."

While he underwent five-day-a-week rehabilitation to recover his balance and strength on a prosthetic leg at an Army rehabilitation facility in San Antonio, she was in boot camp at Fort Jackson, S.C., learning to shoot a rifle and stand in formation.

Janay Albarran graduated from basic training on Friday, gaining the rank of private. The couple's 2-year-old daughter is staying with a grandmother in Arizona.
OYE Comment: Janay's courage and dedication are beyond what any civilian can know. She knew the cost of war up close and personally and she chose to enlist anyhow. We wish this young family the best as they make another life transition. It is impossible to imagine their daughter finding stronger role models than her parents.

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At 09 December, 2007 19:06, Blogger Robert Hamer said...

This is actually the first story from your site that brought a tear to my eye.

If Alejandro decided to resign and Janay stayed as far away from Army as possible, no one would hold it against them. Instead, they are both displaying character that is above and beyond what most Americans will ever have.

We can learn a lot from these two. Hell, my parents are having a hard enough time accepting the fact that I'm in the NROTC at Berkeley. They wouldn't even be able to comprehend something like this.

At 10 December, 2007 13:04, Blogger Florian said...

Is this satirical? For me who grew up and lived in europe this little article reminds me so much of the nazi propaganda of the thrird reich. Is this mainstream or is it considered outer right wing fascist weirdo delusion? I mean its hard to believe that something so distastefull doesn`t cause outraged reactions... well i just can`t believe reading such bullshit! I don`t have the worlds to describe this...

At 10 December, 2007 19:57, Blogger Wek said...

Uhhh Florian,

You're the weirdest troll we've had here in some time. If you get a chance please read our "About O.Y.E." on the sidebar.

At 10 December, 2007 20:29, Blogger Robert Hamer said...

I can assure you, florian, that the sacrifices our servicemen and women make, and the failure of our national leadership to emulate their example, is not "bullshit."

At 10 December, 2007 22:02, Blogger Mad Man Mikey said...

Florian, I see what you mean and why it might remind you of the Reich. However, as a regular reader here I have problems thinking that the writers and regulars here might be fascists.

I encourage you to read more on this site and learn more about the respect site members and supporters have for those who are have chosen to join the military. Please do not confuse their support for the military personell with a gung-ho support of a 21st century version of the Monroe Doctrine.

At 11 December, 2007 17:27, Blogger Florian said...

I think I have to apologize for my tone. I read this after getting up early in the morning which usually leaves me quite grumpy for the rest of the day.(This probably makes me a "troll", doesn't it?) What drove me was the whish to elicit some reaction.
Of course I respect the intention behind their decision which undoubtedly is to make the world a better place, even if i can't comprehend why a mother would leave her child alone and expose herself to the threat of being killed. Unfortunately I did not make clear that my harsh comment was on the way of presentation of the story which seems so painfully familiar, rather than on this couple. It would take a long time and a lot of effort to explain why this seems so nazi propaganda like to me, so I won't. I probably represent the average european mindset, which of course is heavily influenced by the two world wars. Probably a lot of people around here would agree that deescalation is needed in order to escape the viscious circle of attack and retaliation. But this is beside the point, leads to far for this forum and has to be discussed elsewhere by others. Finally, I want't to add that I did not intent to offend anyone, if I did: my sincere apologies.

At 27 December, 2007 09:44, Anonymous distalzou said...

Wait a minute...

"lost part of his right leg to a bomb"

might be "assigned a desk job"

"Right now, I'm leaning against it"

Is this some kind of a sick joke? Or just a really unfortunate accidental pun?


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