Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jenna and The Question: Asked and Answered

From Time Magazine: 10 Questions for Jenna Bush:

Question: If the war in Iraq is so noble, why aren't you and your sister serving our country there? —Donald Pence, San Francisco

Answer: I understand that point, but there are many ways to serve our country, and I think my skills are better suited for teaching and representing the U.S. in Latin America through UNICEF. I respect the men and women of our country who are over there fighting. It is an unbelievably selfless thing to do. But if people really thought about it, they would know it's not even a practical question.

OYE's follow-up:

-- And what about Henry Hager?

-- Don't you want to marry a Man in Uniform?

-- At least a guy with enough balls to Answer The Question, as you have?

-- Rather than depending on his friend Media Lizzy to defend him?

Hat tip to Huffington Post.

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At 12 October, 2007 00:07, Blogger a progressive crank said...

The silence of Mr Hager speaks loudly.

At 12 October, 2007 04:33, Anonymous Josh said...

I personally don't think that neither Miss Bush nor her twin should be obligated to serve...not because of who their father is but because they're women. Call me sexist but that's just my point of view as a veteran.

Of course, those women who do serve in our military are doing a great job and should be commended all the more for their sense of duty to this nation but it should be the men, like Hager, who should defend this country.

From, an Iraq veteran

At 12 October, 2007 07:51, Blogger Karl said...


Thank you for your comment, and for your service to our country.

I share your perspective, hence the slogan, "Be A Man! Enlist!" On this blog, each contributor makes a personal decision whether to Ask The Question of a female patriot.

Given Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's political positions in favor of the Iraq War and assigning women to combat units, we consider ourselves obligated to seek to Ask The Question of Ms. Chelsea Clinton; stay tuned.

Otherwise, the active contributors here focus exclusively on encouraging real American males to Be A Man! Enlist!

At 13 October, 2007 16:16, Blogger Media Lizzy said...

For the record, it's Lizzy - not Lizzie. I'm not in a Disney show for kids.

One lingering question, have you guys registered as a PAC yet? Set up a 527? 501c4?

Just a friendly reminder that politics is the most heavily regulated industry in the US. Thanks to that pesky McCain - Feingold law.

At 13 October, 2007 16:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lizzy, you should consider re-enlisting.

At 13 October, 2007 18:01, Blogger Karl said...

Media Lizzy (13 October, 2007 16:16)-

One lingering question, have you guys registered as a PAC yet? Set up a 527? 501c4?

Just a friendly reminder that politics is the most heavily regulated industry in the US. Thanks to that pesky McCain - Feingold law.

You should know that Operation Yellow Elephant welcomes any opportunity to generate TONS of free publicity about Henry Hager's silence regarding military service.

Please do us a favor: Ask the Federal Election Commission, as well as The Pentagon, to open an investigation into how publicly encouraging President Bush's strongest healthy, heterosexual, 41-or-under male supporters to consider volunteering for military service somehow violates Federal law.

Will the Henry Hager "Wimp Factor" spoil all that fawning media coverage of the Royal Wedding in the White House Rose Garden? You bet.

At 14 October, 2007 22:44, Blogger robash141 said...

Yeah they want all the "Noblesse" without having any of the "oblige" They want all the glory without showing any of the guts.

Man no wonder America is going to shit..
Up to this point I've withheld judgement on the Bush daughters < however Jennas response shows that she's cut from the same cloth as the rest of her scummy war mongering, war profiteering family.

I'm sure cowardly weaselboy Hager will fit right in.

At 15 October, 2007 22:16, Blogger Media Lizzy said...

1. No, I will not reconsider re-enlisting. As the only surviving parent to a young child, my commitment to my late husband takes precedence. I will not ask our only child to suffer the worry of having neither parent present for life's milestones.

2. Interesting that you all equate "free publicity" with a FEC MUR. Good luck with that. I'm all for free speech but think it's rather odd that you would invite the Feds into your life... but hey, if you're hooked up with the Code Pinkers - you have deep pockets. So, that's cool.

3. Thanks for spelling my name properly in the future. I appreciate it.

4. The country isn't going to shit. We have an election next year. So, you guys won't have to worry about the Bushies any more. Or the Hagers. Just vote Democrat and the magical airlift will commence.

At 16 October, 2007 19:15, Blogger OYE said...

media lizzy-

We're sure you noticed that what prompted Item 1 in your comment lacked Real Name Attribution.

It was not from any contributor to this blog, but rather, from an anonymous commenter.

At 16 October, 2007 19:30, Blogger Karl said...

media lizzy-

The country isn't going to shit. We have an election next year. So, you guys won't have to worry about the Bushies any more. Or the Hagers. Just vote Democratic, and the magical airlift will commence.

Sorry, but we don't buy that. At all.

Back in November 2004, under the slogan, "Four More Years," the American people re-elected President George W. Bush, and the rest of His Administration (to include the Hagers), to Lead America for a Full Four-Year Term through January 20, 2009 [c. 460 days from now].

We expect President Bush and Vice President Cheney to obey their Oaths of Office; that means cutting them, and the Hagers, no slack whatsoever.

If President Bush and Vice President Cheney no longer wish to perform the duties of their Offices, then they should resign.

I am frankly appalled that you would advocate such defeatism, especially since our country is at war.

As we've said before, if the College and Young Republicans really wanted to see President Bush WIN the Global War on Terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, they'd be lining up to enlist, with Henry Hager in front.

The only reason the Democratic Party is attracting support from real Americans is the poor leadership shown by Henry Hager and his ilk. Don't believe me?

Go to [all one word] College Republicans for Hillary dot com and [all one word] Young Republicans for Hillary dot com. You'll come right here.

At 18 October, 2007 01:09, Blogger robash141 said...

Media Lizzie,

I respect the fact that you served in the Military and You lost your spouse who was serving in the Military.

Your Gold Star and your service decorations your sacrifices for Our country mean nothing to the Bushes and the Hager's unless they can cynically exploit those honors to their own political advantage. To them , you are essentially "the hired help"

Admit it at some level it must bother and disgust you that you have to front for such scurrilous punks

At 29 October, 2007 16:35, Blogger Media Lizzy said...

Karl... I was being sarcastic.

I don't believe Hager should serve because he would be the equivalent of a high value target to our enemies, and as such, would unnecessarily endanger the lives of fellow soldiers/saliors/airmen or marines.

And to robash141:
Thank you.

I have no problem at all whatsoever with the Bushes or the Hagers. I was always treated very respectfully, as was my young child. President Bush was personally very kind to us and generous with his time during the early years when I worked in the political consulting game. My late husband worked for the Clinton regime - and from my personal experience, the Bush folks have been far more personable and authentic. The Clinton people were outright hostile to folks in uniform.

I believe that without dismissing Condi Rice, we have no real hope of success. She is incompetent.

Ultimately, history will be the judge.

And while I don't necessarily agree with much of the stuff here at OYE - I am disappointed that Gen Y folks are so spoiled and not willing to serve. Frankly, I don't think it matters to many of them whether we are at war or not. They are not willing to be inconvenienced for ANY cause.
The Generation Chickenhawk video at Sam Blumenthal's site perfectly encapsulates the problem.

As always, great debate here at OYE.

--- Media Lizzy

At 31 October, 2007 02:30, Blogger robash141 said...

Someone, probably HL Mencken once said the key to politics is sincerity, once you've learned to fake it you've got it made .

The Bushes might be "personable and authentic" to you only so long as you serve their purposes.
Deviate from the line and see what happens.
Better yet, go ask Valerie Plame

I've read accounts of people who met Stalin and found him to be, superficially at least, a very pleasant fellow. Just Because Stalin seemed like a nice guy didn't make him a nice guy.

So your anecdotal evidence of the relative amount respect that The Clinton's and the Bushes have for the military is just one persons highly subjective partisan Republican opinion.

Whatever personal qualities George W. Bush may possess authenticity cannot be numbered among them.

Sorry , Dude has told to many whoppers to let that one go by unchallenged. And the lies Bush has told have been deadly ones that cost people their lives. He hasn't however dissembled about trifling matters like who was sucking his dick.

You're answer about Hager is pure elitism .
Mumsie and Daddykins stock has gone through the roof since the war started. But little Henry is simply too precious to go.
Oh Barf!!
As for Hager He's crap I don't buy all this about his family being high class highfalutin folk.
They just dirtballs a big garbage heap of money and political connections to get themselves out of any unpleasant situation. Polecats prosper
Just another testament to the amoral fucks we got running things in this country.

At 17 February, 2008 19:35, Blogger Farnsworth68 said...

Over at One Pissed Off Veteran, I have a continuing feature, Weekly Bush Twins in Uniform Watch, wherein I count up the days since Jenna and Not-Jenna graduated from college but haven't joined the military (as of today the count is 1359 days) but so far I haven't gotten any reasonable answers.
Keep up the good work and keep hammering away at them.


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