Monday, October 08, 2007

The Captain Shelters His Deckhands

Ed Morrissey, from the conservative Captain's Quarters blog, weighed in on what he considers the "ad hominem" Chickenhawk argument. In his post, Capn' Ed highlighted what he called the "comment of the day" to give comfort to his readers that are eligible, but unwilling, to serve in The Military:

"Unfortunately I don't have time to join the military. I support the police, so to be consistent I had to join the LAPD. I also support the fire department, so I became a firefighter, too. . . . ." (and it continued on)

A person calling himself/herself ,'Jazz', entered the debate at 4:58 PM and completely dismantled the "comment of the day" point by cowardly point. To accentuate a few:

"This disingenuous argument implies that there is some national dispute as to whether or not we, as a society, should be protected from crime. Is there some large (and I don't mean a handfull of LSD addled anarchists) segement of society which feels that criminals in our country should roam about without being persued, prosecuted, convicted and punished? Does the Chief Executive have to sit at the beginning of each four year term and decide whether or not we should send our police out to battle drug dealers, rapists, murderers, arsonists? If that was the case, and we had some vast majority of people who did not want to have police protection, but the president DID want it, then yes... I would expect you to get out there and join the police force. If not... then shut up."

"You may comfort yourself with the oh too common meme in Right wing blogs of saying "the long since discredited chickenhawk argument" or whatever. Perhaps it makes you sleep better at night. But the fact remains.. none of these examples compare to your pushing for wars you are not willing to fight and sending off people to die, even if it's "only" 66 of our soldiers (OYE-the # of servicemen killed in Sept. 2007), as it was in this "best month in a long time" we just had. 66 dead Americans is still one hell of a lot, and it wasn't you."

Operation Yellow Elephant would like to thank 'Jazz' for not letting this weak justification go unchallenged.


At 08 October, 2007 12:02, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Always does my heart good when some disingenuous chicken hawk puts up a half baked excuse and gets bitch-slapped down.

At 09 October, 2007 18:54, Anonymous CV Rick said...

Well, to put the matter into the proper context, Do they support Fires and do they support Crime? That would be the proper analogy.

If they support fires and crime, then by all means they should go become arsonists and criminals. If they support war, they should become soldiers.

There, now the arguments are oranges and oranges, not apples and oranges.

At 09 October, 2007 19:00, Blogger Karl said...

Frankly, if the Global War on Terrorism were indeed Our Great Nation's Most Important Challenge, they could at least come up with a better argument.


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