Monday, October 23, 2006

Dialogue as Fmragtops Spews . . . [Part II]

Here's the new thread (Part II). Enjoy.

Here's Part I. Remember to add comments to Part II.


At 24 October, 2006 19:51, Anonymous paul said...

Aaargh. I don't want to go back over there. I just got the smell out of my brain from the last time.

At 29 October, 2006 17:09, Anonymous brachiator said...

Yep, Paul is right. It was a filthy, futile effort that no one should have to attempt. I recount some points of pathos and bathos here.

The howling got so loud over there that I went away realizing I'd really stepped on some tails.

It's "Army" this, and "Navy" that,
and "Semper Fi" all 'round,
but they all have something else to do
when boots are on the ground.

(With apologies to R. Kipling.)


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