Sunday, July 09, 2006

Secretary Rumsfeld's Army - Part 2

Operation Yellow Elephant thanks Secretary of Defense Donald F. Rumsfled for the Army he has created. Here's more:

In May 2005, our Army changed the rules so that a brigade commander has to initiate separation proceedings; before, the battalion commander (one level below) could do this. Why? To retain more low-performing soldiers due to recruiting problems.

Why should we care?

Because PFC Steven D. Green's brigade commander was convinced to separate him from the Army due to an "anti-social personality disorder," this was clearly a serious matter. However, the timing appears to indicate that the murders in Mahmudiyah occurred after Green's battalion commander was convinced he should be separated, but before the battalion could convince the brigade to take action. That crucial interval has strategic implications for our country and, indeed, the world.

If The Pentagon wishes to share specific relevant facts, please do so. Click here.

Once again, hat tip to Steve Gilliard.


At 09 July, 2006 12:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that we're dumping people with "personality disorder" anti-social or not, does that mean Rumsfeld and Cheney are on their way out?

At 11 July, 2006 14:56, Anonymous Samwise Galenorn said...

Is shooting someone in the face a personality disorder?
If so, then yes, Cheney is on his way out...
Of course, he has other priorities.


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