Tuesday, July 04, 2006

"Manly Firmness?" I Don't Think So!

Thanks once again to Tom Tomorrow.


At 10 July, 2006 20:57, Anonymous JC Chartier said...

The military needs warriors. I don't care were they come from. Having an Army that is fuly representative of the socio-economic pie chart of America doesn't win wars. Having wariors that can fight wins wars.

JC Chartier
1SG (ret)
US Army Special Forces

At 05 January, 2007 10:34, Blogger Karl said...

JC Chartier-

Thank you for your service, and your comment.

Are you saying that College and Young Republicans, by definition, are not "warriors," and therefore recruiters shouldn't bother with them?

If "College Republican" and "Young Republican" means "pussy," I'm happy to agree with you.

At 08 January, 2007 15:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think it's fair to single out Young Republican or College Republican meetings as a way to find new military recruits. What about the country clubs, private schools, yacht clubs, and other places rich heterosexual men hang out?


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