Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Reagan Navy Secretary James Webb joins Operation Yellow Elephant

Hat tip to Steve Gilliard, but here are the basics:

Former Reagan Navy Secretary James Webb, running for Senate in Virginia, has challenged incumbent George Allen for his war record (or lack thereof). The Allen campaign issued a wussy press release, but Webb called him on it and suggested Allen needed a new campaign manager. I can't easily summarize it, so please click here.

President Bush, Be A Man! Veto Something!

College and Young Republicans, Be A Man! Enlist!


At 28 June, 2006 18:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is "Felix" a family name, or was he named after after a comox cat?

At 28 June, 2006 18:10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is "Felix" a family name, of was he named after a comix cat?

At 29 June, 2006 16:39, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ode of the Right Wing Blogger

When Rove says "Jump"
"We say how High?"

When the GOP says "Attack"
"We let it fly"

When Bush says "1+1=3"
"We say Aye Aye"

When someone says "enlist"
"We say not I"

(Feel free to Revise and extend...)

At 30 June, 2006 11:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When Libruls quistin Leader
We tells theam "Go daie!"

When theys get angry
We shouts "Unhinged! Why?!"

At 01 July, 2006 04:45, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 01 July, 2006 07:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bushland, Bushland, über Alles,

Über Alles, mit George Bush!

At 03 July, 2006 01:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I usually spend my time killing unborn children and smoking weed. I kick my hackey-sack around my chapter's recruitment table while discussing why I hate the death penalty and that everyone should be exactly the same. I am a College Democrat (a member of one of the 2 chapters in the country).

At 04 July, 2006 14:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just made the last comment and suddenly realized I am MORON.

At 04 July, 2006 14:32, Blogger Karl said...


Well, I'm certain that the Army would rather have you than PFC Stephen D. Green, yet another PFC becoming world-famous, with strategic implications.

Take that, Lynndie England!


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