Friday, June 16, 2006

Dialogue with The Pentagon: Part 2

The national leadership establishment of our governing party claims that "wealthy" Americans also serve in our military, but we're not convinced. The Pentagon cites a Heritage Foundation study purporting to show close-to-proportional representation of upper income groups, but it's based on data from the Clinton Administration (1999).

What about now, in the fifth year of the Global War on Terrorism? Studies take forever, but we can help with something simple:

Given the passage of time, there's certainly at least one Iraq/Afghanistan veteran working (as a civilian) in the White House or at the Republican National Committee. [Military detailees or the Secret Service don't count; we're focusing on political activists.] We don't even care about family income status; it's enough to know that President Bush and our governing party have confidence in our recent veterans.

This patriot should step forward to be honored for his/her service to our nation.

All we need is one.


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