Monday, July 03, 2006

Real Men Needed: Any Republicans Out There?

OK, Chickenhawks, we've reached the next stage: Police and other law enforcement organizations are having recruiting problems, too.

Why is this? Too few College and Young Republicans are willing to Be A Man! Enlist!, and fewer qualified veterans (mostly men) are leaving our military. Result: There's a much smaller pool of potential applicants for careers in law enforcement.

Well, it was the Chickenhawks to raised the objection to our basic premise that those eligible to serve who support the war have an obligation to consider volunteering, and that those not personally eligible should encourage those in their circles of influence who are eligible to think about it. The Chickenhawks asked whether those who support effective law enforcement have an obligation to serve as police officers.

Well, now that police departments and similar organizations are having recruiting problems, that's a good question. And it applies not only to members of our governing party who support the war in Iraq, but also to those critical of law enforcement organizations in our country. If you want to be part of the solution, rather than just complaining about the problems, here's your chance:

Regardless of your gender (if any, trans-gendered also) and sexual orientation, if you care about your community, Be A Man! Sign Up! Real Men Accept a Challenge. [Yes, you'll have to exercise and avoid the junk food, but at least you'll earn respect.]


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