Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Secretary Rumsfeld, Here's the Army We Made!

This is PFC Steven D. Green, who was honorably discharged after March 2006 after serving a total of eleven months. His medical condition was diagnosed as a personality disorder, "so severe that the soldier's ability to function effectively in the military environment is significantly impaired." A "recruiting success?" I think not.

Operation Yellow Elephant started c. April/May 2005 after Jesus' General and I both noticed an anomaly: Crowds of healthy, heterosexual-appearing military-age men at pro-war rallies, and on conservative blogs, while real military recruiters were having trouble meeting their quotas.

The General focused on the College Republicans and created Operation Yellow Elephant. I focused on the Young Republicans and donated a booth at their July 2005 convention in Las Vegas to all military recruiters.

Now we're seeing the results of the College and Young Republicans' so-called 'patriotism.' When national leadership inspires real Americans to consider military service, even if they plan other careers later in life, military recruiters can select those most likely to succeed in our military. Since the end of 2004, that's no longer the case.

Although Operation Yellow Elephant thanks PFC Green for stepping forward, it's quite clear that he should never have been accepted for enlistment, given a weapon and sent to Iraq. [If we could turn back the clock, we certainly would.] We apologize to the Iraqi family and community affected by this tragedy. We expect that military commanders will conduct a full and impartial investigation and hold accountable those responsible, noting also that Mr. Green is presumed innocent.

If the national leadership establishment of our governing party really understands its responsibilities, they will urge their own eligible relatives and friends, their circles of influence, to Support Our Troops and President Bush and Be A Man! Enlist! If our country is to remain in Iraq, it is essential that all well-qualified Americans show that they are worthy of leadership.

So what does the headline have to do with the picture? At a December 8, 2004 Town Meeting in Kuwait, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld responded to Specialist Thomas Wilson of the Tennessee Army National Guard, "As you know, you go to war with the Army you have. They’re not the Army you might want or wish to have at a later time."

Well, Mr. Secretary, over time, this is the Army we've made.

Hat tip to Steve Gilliard.


At 05 July, 2006 14:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this site. I am a left leaning dem, that is in the reserves, my time is coming and coming quick for my tour in iraq. I don't want to go and don't think we should be there; however, i made a comment to the military i will honor that. When I am at the gym working out (trying to stay in shape for whats coming) I have on my PT gear with the military stuff on it. I get people that say stuff like "thanks" or "great job" and every so often i get the ones that say, "we i think it's a great thing we're over there. Keeping them from here." I look at them ask, "So who in your family is servicing." DEAD answer. Gotta love that support!!!

At 07 July, 2006 10:43, Blogger Kate R said...

and it gets scarier. This is enough to give anyone nightmares about our army

At 07 July, 2006 10:44, Blogger Kate R said...

oops, sorry. I'll try to go high tech and make the nightmare article a link.

At 08 July, 2006 14:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pfc Green is a true masculinist hero! If all our troops in Iraq did as he did, there would be no insurgency.

At 08 July, 2006 22:55, Anonymous Cptkevin said...

At my site, I have posted the Army PAO site which featured PFC Green in a story called "Keeping Iraqi Streets Safe".

You cannot believe it. Then, after I posted this, the Army changed the site but, alas, Google Cache kept it and I have posted it for all to see.


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