Friday, July 21, 2006

'Military' Recruiting Lead: Washington DC

Attention Military Recruiters:

Here's a healthy not-openly-non-heterosexual who at least claims to be physically fit and otherwise eligible for military service. [Like the claimed age of 32, the photo, accessed via NSFW below, has got to be at least ten years old, however.]

Not Safe For Work (NSFW) - click only from indisputably private computer

This guy has even claimed to have served in the military. Let's make it a reality! Click here. And here.

Hat tip to John Aravosis of AmericaBlog.


At 22 July, 2006 19:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, I was wondering-is that NSFW link to Gannon/Guckert's own escort page? I followed the link, and clicked on the "reviews" tab, and there is a review of his "service" dated **7/18/2006**
3 days ago!
Is Gannon still whoring literally, as well as figuratively, these days?

Makes ya wonder who's getting serviced by him, and if his client's name rhymes with Gnarl Cove......

At 23 July, 2006 09:26, Blogger Karl said...

Let the facts speak for themselves!


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