Sunday, March 26, 2006

Military Recruiting Lead: South Dakota

Attention Military Recruiters:

Joel Arends, a former Army infantry platoon leader, will speak Tuesday March 28 in the Northern State University Student Center in Aberdeen, on his experiences in Iraq. Sponsored by the College Republicans, the event begins at 7:00 p.m. and the public is invited.

At minimum, there should be some good prospects among the Northern State University College Republicans in attendance.


At 28 March, 2006 22:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rep. William Lacy Clay Jr. of Missouri called for the removal of our troops from Iraq. That is not all he said

"President Bush took this country to war by choice, not because we had to fight but because he wanted a fight," Clay said, according to a text of the speech he gave Monday at St. Louis Community College at Meramec in Kirkwood.

"I have a question for President Bush," said Clay, who voted against the resolution authorizing Bush to go to war in Iraq. "If you really believe that the war that you started in Iraq is a fight to defeat terrorism and to defend our freedoms, why haven't your girls enlisted?"

At 29 March, 2006 10:16, Blogger Karl said...

Thanks, Explore for Truth.


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