Monday, March 20, 2006

From whiny kids to conservatives to . . . Chickenhawks?

I'm sure we've all seen the article on a study from Berkeley that whiny kids grow up to be conservatives. [OK, so Berkeley's not a "normal" American community.] But do they also grow up to be Chickenhawks?

Their responses to Operation Yellow Elephant's invitations to consider military service, "Be A Man! Enlist!" certainly sound whiny. Look at Jonathan Bruno, President of the Oberlin College Republicans. He posted the complete text of his response to Operation Yellow Elephant as the second comment. Click here.

Also consider the "Chickenhawk counter-arguments" in wikipedia and the Young America's Foundation "Chickenhawk Talking Points."

I think they're protesting a bit too much. Isn't that a definition of whiny?


Update: Here's OYE's response to Yankee Sailor (Comment #5, 5:57 p.m.). Our response is Comment is #2 (03-25-2006 07:49 a.m.)


At 21 March, 2006 22:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ben Domenech has some insightful commentary on this matter on his new Washington Post blog, Red America:

"It's always better to just let kids be kids and keep the psychologists out of the way - to follow the dictum of an aging hippie couple I know who, despite their pacifist beliefs, still let their boys run around playing army with sticks made into guns. After all, someone has to defend America."

Someone DOES have to defend America. Just not Ben.

At 21 March, 2006 23:14, Anonymous Seneca Doane said...

Conservative Washington Post blogger Ben Domenech is 24 years old yet is not in Iraq? I'm confused. Are you sure he's not in Iraq? That makes no sense.

At 21 March, 2006 23:40, Anonymous jerry said...

Off topic, or speaking of Ben Domenech....

Ben Domenech, 24 year old, should be the subject of two googlebombs by all bloggers.

The goal is to make the first google result for Ben be a link to, and the second google result for Ben be a link to Operation Yellow Elephant.

On odd days, bloggers mentioning Ben Domenech should googlebomb him with On even days, bloggers mentioning Ben Domenech should googlebomb him with

Today is an odd day, so I have googlebombed him with

At 22 March, 2006 13:11, Blogger Stash said...

Ben Domenech Even Day.

At 22 March, 2006 20:57, Blogger Yankee Sailor said...

I Thought This Horse Was Dead

At 24 March, 2006 13:41, Anonymous just john said...

(I just thought to myself that Ben was a great candidate for recruitment, and now that I've come here to mention it, I see you guys are way ahead of me!)

At 24 March, 2006 19:10, Blogger Sadie Baker said...

And now that he's unemployed, he is probably looking for a new job, anyway. Three hots and a cot, right?

At 25 March, 2006 06:40, Blogger Karl said...

And he quit the Post before I could even send an invitation.

On the other hand, is that the kind of courage and dedication we want wearing the uniform in Iraq?

At 25 March, 2006 18:48, Blogger L.J. Abershawe said...


I too have question if the US Army could possibly use this young man. I have decided that eventough the basic training program has been scaled down a bit and the drill sgts are much nicer, that this young man may still piss them off enough where they may be forced to instill some respect and dignity in him. Eitherway service in Iraq would be a great way for him to prove that he truly believes in what he says. In the end if he quits his post here, he will be harshly dealt with. He will only quit his post once, that is for certain.

SPC Abershawe,
Baghdad, Iraq

At 26 March, 2006 07:42, Blogger Karl said...


And, thinking positively, if he at least gives the military a try, he may very well discover something good within himself that he didn't know was there.

And even if it doesn't work out for him, he at least has the comfort of knowing that he, unlike so many others, was man enough to sign up and take a chance. That's why OYE thanks those not accepted for enlistment for stepping forward.

And I, for one, would respect his opinions a bit more for having done that.


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