Saturday, March 25, 2006

Military Recruiting Lead: Montana

Attention Military Recruiters:

The University of Montana College Republicans include several pro-war non-veteran students who appear to be healthy heterosexuals eligible for military service.

“It’s important to show there’s not just one voice on this campus; there’s another voice that supports this war,” said freshman Will Selph, a representative on the State Board of College Republicans. “People shouldn’t leave here thinking we’re one-hundred percent the Berkley of the north.” “Hadley Stephens said, ‘When opinions clash, democracy reigns,’” said Selph, a political science major. “It’s important to have both sides heard, because that’s democracy in action.” Operation Yellow Elephant agrees.

Freshman James Rees said he wanted to support the war and the President because he was from Washington, D.C., and his father was in the Pentagon on Sept. 11. “Bush was voted by our country into [the] Presidency, and those who don’t like it (the war) should take a look at September eleventh,” Rees said.

Demonstrators expressing their opinions included Iraq veteran Jason Hendrickson: “I’m here to help my buddies protest for peace, but mostly to support the troops over there,” said Hendrickson, a sophomore in the radio-television department. “People need to understand peace is an ambiguous topic and that a lot of people over there don’t have much say in what’s going on unless they have four stars on their shoulders.” We thank Mr. Hendrickson and fellow Iraq veteran Kellan McDonald for their service to our country.

Important note: The UM College Republicans include students in ROTC or OCS who have already made a commitment, which we praise, to serving our nation. We invite the others, including UM College Republicans Chapter President Seth Patterson, to consider Supporting Our Troops through military service in the war they publicly support.

Kudos to the UM College Republicans for, in the words of one of their opponents, highjacking an anti-war protest and getting lots of press. Well done! Now take the next step and Be A Man! Enlist!


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