Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Most Cynical Yellow Elephant Yet!

Meet Billy Valentine, Vice President of the College Republicans of the Franciscan University of Steubenville [OH]. As part of Support the Troops Week November 7-13, he and the Young America's Foundation established a program of spiritual adoption through prayer for all U.S. servicemembers killed in Iraq.

While religious expression is both constitutionally protected and greatly appreciated by many, one cannot help but notice that 18-year-old heterosexual Billy Valentine appears eligible for military service. If you really want to Support The Troops, Billy, why haven't you volunteered?

Honor the Dead: Fight Like Hell for the Living!


At 15 November, 2005 20:45, Blogger Billy Valentine said...

" I cannot deny that a free country requires a ready military and volunteering to follow orders without question in defense of that country is still one of the most selfless sacrifices a citizen can make."

I am honoring those sacrifices. You are undermining them.


At 15 November, 2005 20:48, Blogger Billy Valentine said...

I am also a little confused when you say "it is their war, why aren't they fighting it?"

The military overwhemlingly votes Republican... sooo... what's your point?



At 16 November, 2005 12:06, Blogger Karl said...

Billy Valentine-

Thank you for honoring their sacrifice through prayer, but, frankly, I think you can do a little more.

Our Army just missed its 2005 recruiting quota by the largest shortfall since 1979. You appear eligible to serve.

Have you considered volunteering?

Regarding one of Operation Yellow Elephant's mottos, you're missing the point.

Yes, military servicemembers are more Republican than anything else, but look at it from the other side:

Not all Republicans are servicemembers (current or former). For example, you.

Once again, here's the Question:

Have you considered volunteering to serve in the military?

If you really want to Support Our Troops, as well as Support President Bush, you would consider serving.

Operation Yellow Elephant Supports Our Troops by helping to encourage qualified, motivated civilians to consider serving.

So, what's your answer?

At 16 November, 2005 13:53, Blogger Billy Valentine said...

How many people have you "motivated" to serve?

At 17 November, 2005 07:27, Blogger Karl said...


It's not necessarily easy to confirm that we are the key motivator. But there is a new recruit in Michigan who possibly was inspired by us.

So, how'd you like to be the first?

Again, Billy, you appear eligible to serve. Have you considered it?

At 17 November, 2005 11:02, Blogger radar said...

I still don't understand the point of this whole site.

"If you really want to Support Our Troops, as well as Support President Bush, you would consider serving."

By this logic do you all not support the troops and that is why you haven't enlisted?

At 17 November, 2005 12:07, Blogger Karl said...


I'm too old. I asked, and that's what they told me.

How about you?

At 17 November, 2005 12:20, Blogger Blogenfreude said...

Billy - get off your Repub ass and go. Unless, of course, you have real objections to the Dear Leader's getting us into the war in the first place. Is that it? Do you think we should not be there? And before you ask - I am ineligible to serve.

At 17 November, 2005 14:17, Blogger Billy Valentine said...

Sure you are eligible. Just follow the don't ask don't tell policy.

At 18 November, 2005 03:33, Blogger Karl said...


You mean, like Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman?

At 18 November, 2005 18:20, Blogger Billy Valentine said...


At 19 November, 2005 00:31, Blogger merlallen said...

Billy, who's the ugly dude with the cheesy mustache?

At 19 November, 2005 20:27, Blogger Sadie Baker said...

"Just don't follow the don't ask don't tell policy."

So what you are saying, Billy, is that anyone who wants to know why you won't enlist must be a faggot? Is that what you are saying?

And we all know faggots are cowards, right? They're not real men?

Well I know a lot of faggots that are better men than you'll ever be. A real man stands up for what he believes in. He doesn't send others to die in his place while he sits at home, nice and safe, with a lovely woman on his arm.

At 23 November, 2005 17:21, Blogger Billy Valentine said...

"And we all know faggots are cowards, right?"


"They're not real men?"

Pretty much.

At 23 November, 2005 17:23, Blogger Billy Valentine said...

"with a lovely woman on his arm"

Your making me blush. She is quite lovely.

You seem to have something against straight men Sadie... Not too much luck in the vast world of dating?

At 11 December, 2005 18:03, Blogger Maria said...

Hey, Billy is far too busy making the trip from Ohio to Pittsburgh, PA to harass women here trying to go into clinics to have time to serve in Iraq!

Oops! Sorry! Did I say "harass"? They only "counsel" women in a "peaceful and prayerful" manner. Like he's doing now when talking about gays in the military.

At 21 December, 2005 00:57, Blogger Billy Valentine said...

Pretty much.


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