Sunday, November 13, 2005

Honoring "The Dean"

Christopher Flickinger
"The Dean," The Network of College Conservatives

Dear Dean Flickinger,

These are tough times for conservatives. Liberals and their media lackies have turned much of the population against us. It fills my heart with joy to see someone like you out there promoting our most cherished traditional Christian values, things like: torturing unruly children and uppity brown people; financially rewarding corporations and incompetent apparatchiks for their political support; nurturing the birth of a religious government in Iraq; supporting Our Leader's policy of protecting us against the truth; rewarding the wealthy for being wealthy; raining white phosphorus fire onto rebellious cities; reclaiming women's uteri as the property of men; demonizing love; relieving the poor of the burden of obtaining food stamps and health care; and betraying intelligence assets in fits of revenge.

I want to thank you for the work you're doing. I hope you'll accept an invitation to spend a weekend at my compound so that I can honor you properly as a fellow conservative warrior. It's an ancient ceremony--one handed down generation by generation from our Spartan warrior forbearers. Yes, I'm talking about Spartan-style wresting, where two men, naked and oiled, grapple each other in an ancient dance, struggling to establish dominance and drive their manhood home into an exhausted, humiliated opponent. It's the highest honor a Republican warrior may pay to another. It's also the perfect metaphor for conservatism.

Afterwards, I'll drive you down to the recruiters office so that you can back your rhetoric with action. How does that sound to you?

Heterosexually yours,

Gen. JC Christian


At 14 November, 2005 23:55, Blogger Paladin of Torm said...

Wow you are perhaps one of the biggest dumbasses I've seen. Here's a newsflash asshole, the people fighting the war on terrorism ARE conservatives by and large. The military is overwhelmingly Republican and Christian. The military votes republican 70-85%. Don't be a fucking dumbass you liberal piece of shit. You know nothing about the military so don't pretend that you do. The best thing for assholes like you would be for you to be drafted so a drill instructor could beat some fucking sense into you. Go back to your commune and tofu you fucking hippy piece of shit.

At 15 November, 2005 11:57, Blogger Josh said...

Spoken like a true soldier for peace and the Christian way!

I guess it goes without saying that senor Paladin is currently serving in Iraq, right?

Oh, wait, he ISN'T?!? Why NOT?!!

He clearly has what it takes to hold up under the stress of combat.

Wait, no: actually I have that wrong again: he goes to pieces as soon as somebody points out what a dipshit his friends are. Oops.

Also, he set up a fake blog just to have a homepage link.

How do you spell "pathetic"? Oh, yeah: G-O-P.

At 15 November, 2005 16:32, Blogger Paladin of Torm said...

Hey asshole you think you know anything about me? I already did my time in the fucking Marine Corps. What the fuck have done? Also your logic that somehow if you support a war you must also fight in it is stupid. Not everyone has what it takes to serve in the military (such as yourself asshole), but that does not mean that you cannot support a war. I guess that since you've never served in the military you think every single war fought throughout history was wrong. It was wrong for us to save the jews from the nazis. It was wrong for us to save the Koreans and Vietnamese from the communists. Fuck you hippy. You don't know wtf you are talking about. Go back to sucking on your mom's tit you little faggot.

Peace through superior firepower bitch.

P.S. I currently have several friends in Iraq. Are they the dipshits you are talking about. O and by the way they are also staunch conservatives.

At 16 November, 2005 07:26, Blogger Sledge Hammer said...

Paladin, so you saved the Vietnamese by killing around 3 million of them ? Damn, now that's some kinda saving - lmfao. By the way asshole, if more of you good Jesus lovin fascists would join the fuck up the Army and the reserves and the Nat Guard would have met their recruiting goals. Guess you mofos don't support Georgie pooh that much - waaaaaaaaah.

At 16 November, 2005 11:48, Blogger Mabinog said...

Hey! Look over here. (pointing at Paladin of Torm) It is another mother's basement dwelling, conservative, Dungeons and Dragons Nerd!

I did not know they let 15 year olds in the Marines?

At 16 November, 2005 15:56, Blogger Paladin of Torm said...

Wow buddy I'm not sure where you get your info from but we only killed 1.1 million North Vietnamese. After we left however the North kindly massacred about 800000 innocent south vietnamese and cambodians. Mostly civilians. Even to this day the people of south vietnam are kept under lock and chain by their insane dictator. And you call us the bad guy? Fuck you hippy. Go back to fucking high school.
LOL hate to inform you rime but everyone that plays dungeons and dragons is a liberal. Conservative children play football and baseball and many other sports while liberal children play dress up with their sister. Probably whats wrong with you fag boy.

At 16 November, 2005 17:10, Blogger dave said...

"if more of you good Jesus lovin fascists would join the fuck up the Army and the reserves and the Nat Guard would have met their recruiting goals"

Sorry sledgehammer but the Army is meeting recruiting goals.,13319,80268,00.html?

At 16 November, 2005 18:46, Blogger Sledge Hammer said...

And here are the stats for FY05 :

FY05 Mission Accomplishments

----------Active Army --- Army Reserve
Mission : 80,000 Mission : 22,175
Achieved: 73,373 Achieved: 19,400

The above are taken from :

At 16 November, 2005 19:45, Blogger Paladin of Torm said...

who the fuck cares? Do you think this is the first time they haven't hit their recruiting goals? They aren't missing it by much and the navy, marines and air force all recruited more than their goals were. Fuck you biatch. LOL by the way you shouldn't be rooting for them to miss their goals. Besides showing that you're a communist pinko it also means they are that much closer to drafting your ass.

At 16 November, 2005 21:53, Blogger Sledge Hammer said...

As I recall it's the first time since the late 70s that they failed to meet their recruiting mark. Given your impaired neurological function you may need som assistance in cutting and pasting, so I'll spare you the trouble and post the figures for FY04 and FY03 which can be found at the URL I cited :

FY04 :

---------- Active Army ----- Army Reserve
Mission : 77,000 Mission : 21,200
Achieved : 77,587 Achieved : 21,278

FY03 :

----------- Active Army ----- Army Reserve
Mission : 73,800 Mission : 26,400
Achieved : 74,132 Achieved : 27,365

Assuming you're not simply blowing smoke - too many bong hits eh ? -- and you're really a vet and not some dumbass Young Puke, I was kinda hoping that the exiguous supply of Bushista Youth volunteers would result in your sorry ass being called back on an IRR call up.

At 16 November, 2005 23:48, Blogger Paladin of Torm said...

Yes you've already posted that. No one cares. How about you post the navy marines or airforce recruiting goals? What's your point? Look at the re-enlistment rate of current soldiers. Its at one of its highest levels in history. What does this tell you? Our soldiers believe in what they are fighting for. They believe in their country and they believe in their commander in chief even if scum bag liberals such as yourself do not. Go fuck a goat you terrorist loving son of a bitch.

At 17 November, 2005 00:49, Blogger dave said...

"As I recall it's the first time since the late 70s that they failed to meet
their recruiting mark."

Nope, it was more recent than the late 1970s. The Army missed the monthly goal in May 2000 and the last time it missed the full-year goal was 1999.

Missing recruiting goals is not an Iraq War problem. It's probably more influenced on economics. When the economy is offering good jobs, people taken them.

At 17 November, 2005 07:23, Blogger Karl said...


re your last para, that's the whole point:

Despite all that President Bush has said about the Global War on Terrorism and why we are in Iraq, etc., it's quite clear that he hasn't been able to inspire sufficient qualified Americans to consider volunteering for military service. [I believe that Pat Tillman made his own decision and was not directly influenced by the President.]

The Army last missed its annual recruiting quota in 1999 but the current shortfall is the largest since 1979. And, like, we're at war, and seriously so. [Not like Kosovo and, especially, Bosnia]

Over the past several elections, the American people have chosen one party to govern us, with the White House and both Houses of Congress. President Bush has not vetoed a single bill. It is clear that our governing party has the national leadership responsibility to set a good example for the rest of us.

Given that we're at war, etc., why is our governing party unable to inspire even its future leaders to consider serving?

How I wish this were not satire:

At 17 November, 2005 13:02, Blogger Paladin of Torm said...

What are you talking about? 70 some thousand people joined the army, you think that's a little number. You all seem to be obsessed with the numbers for the army anyway. TAKE A LOOK AT EVERY OTHER BRANCH. We do have other parts to our military besides the army you know and they are all meeting their recruitment goals. Also as i said before look at the re-enlistment rate of current soldiers especially the ones in Iraq. Outstanding levels. Some of the highest in history. And you're going to tell me the white house isn't inspiring the troops? In your liberal dreams pal.

At 17 November, 2005 15:53, Blogger dave said...

commander-in-chief not recruiter-in-chief

At 18 November, 2005 07:06, Blogger Karl said...


It's the Army that's bearing the load in Iraq. That explains the focus: on the fight!

What the White House has to do is inspire more qualified American civilians to consider volunteering for military service.

And that's not happening.

At 18 November, 2005 12:43, Blogger Jack said...

Hey everybody,
Paladin of Torm says he dont play Dundgeons and Dragons. Oh, no, he just plays ONLINE ROLEPLAYING GAMES, check out out HORDES OF THE UNDERDARK, from Bioware community, and see where he gets his posting name. I found it just by Googling torm.

What a laugh. I cant believe this guy is an actual Marine veteran. This game (from what I see of it) is pussy stuff to me, and I am only an Army Veteran..

At 18 November, 2005 12:54, Blogger Jack said...

Paladin's lack of accurate knowledg also leads me to think he isnt a veteran. Real veterans are very much mad at the Bush administration for underfunding the VA medical centers, trying to cut benefits for active duty soldiers and their families. In 2003, before the insurgency turned nasty, they were trying to end combat pay for Iraq, Afghanistan, until the bad publicity across the contry scuttled that plan. This year, Veterans are made that many of them, promised VA medical benefits, are cut off from them. Tom Delay took out a conservative Republican committee chair for Veterans Affairs who FOUGHT for veterans benefits, and replaced him with a lap dog, Stepehn Buyer. They are trying to cut the VA, cut the active troops in things like PX's and DOD military schools on post, and a list goes on and on.

Dont believe me, Torm, pull your head out off your fantasy game and go vist the American Legion website or the Veterans of Foreign Wars websites and you will find ANGRY ANGRY veterans..

My older brother, who completed 2 tours of duty as a combat infantry officer in Vietnam (with Silver Star, Bronze Star w/V for Valor, and 5 Purple Hearts) has been with the American Legion for years. He just finished a term as State Commander for Alabama. He has always voted conservative Republican.

He has now stated he will NEVER vote for a Republican again because the Bush administration has lied SO much over Iraq, and over how much they "support the troops".

That is the sentiment of a true veteran, not some game player living in Mommies basement...

At 18 November, 2005 17:51, Blogger Sledge Hammer said...

More on the sorry assed state of military recruiting and why these Jaysus lovin' Young Fascists should be flocking to the recruiters :

A congressional report released Thursday that analyzes military recruiting and re-enlistment shows that the military has been failing to adequately fill many of its most vital combat job occupations for years, even as it is deep in enlistees for other positions, the New York Times is set to report in Friday editions, RAW STORY has learned. Excerpts.

The study, completed by the General Accountability Office, an investigative arm of Congress, shows that 41 percent of the military's 1,484 job specialties have been consistently understaffed over the past five years, while 19 percent maintained staffing levels beyond what the Pentagon had authorized.

Taken from :

At 19 November, 2005 19:30, Blogger Paladin of Torm said...

OMG YOU GUYS I PLAY A VIDEO GAME THAT MEANS I WAS NEVER IN THE MARINES!!! First of all I got my name from a game called "baldur's gate" so you don't even know what the fuck you're talking about. Secondly I haven't played the game in years. And thirdly my favorite games involve shooting communist fucks like yourselves in the fucking head.

You stupid fucks are actually going to try to portray veterans as hating the republican party.....good luck. Maybe you guys are the ones who are living in the real fantasy land.

Yes the republican party is trying to cut veteran's spending....according to who? Your democratic sources? Democrats have never supported any veteran services! Hell what party recently just kicked the military out of san francisco? DEMOCRATS! You guys hate the military and everything that it stands for. Don't pretend like you care when in reality you would rather be spending money on homeless drug addicts than on veterans.

O ya and by the way the Marine Corps does most of the heavy fighting in Iraq, not the army. How is there recruiting going? Do you also think that there isn't navy and airforce personel on the ground in iraq too? You better believe there are.

"Paladin's lack of accurate knowledg also leads me to think he isnt a veteran. Real veterans are very much mad at the Bush "

Coming from someone who has the grammar and spelling skills of an 11 year old, i must respond with a shut the fuck up you fuck faced hippy. So you speak for every veteran in the country now? Did you walk around the country and take a survey or something? Go back to your bong you fucking faggot.

"My older brother, who completed 2 tours of duty as a combat infantry officer in Vietnam (with Silver Star, Bronze Star w/V for Valor, and 5 Purple Hearts)"

Wow congratulations. That means you're like how old? 50? Hey asshole here's a newsflash, time to grow up. I fucking hate officers. Why the fuck would I care what one thinks? Are democrats voting for VA benefits? Hell no. Democrats ALWAYS try to cut VA benefits so that they can ramp up their social service programs for lazy fat fucks.

At 20 November, 2005 14:14, Blogger Josh said...

Dude, you play a fucking RPG. You are a loser. Get used to the feeling: Republicans are going to experience it a lot in the next few election cycles. If you have anything else to say, why don't you have your mommy write me a letter? Tell her to send me another photo of her and the dog, too.

Now, since we're all dusting off our bona fides: I'm from North Carolina, a state saturated with bases and military families. My friends are or were military, I have worked near and on the bases, and have become all too familiar with the culture. I know more about the inner workings of the military than some freetard who thinks leftists are "commies" and who probably still says idiotic things like "love it or leave it." Those are the earmarks of ignorance. Nobody talks like that anymore, except scared little boys hiding behind a dork screen name.

Clearly, this guy has a mental problem (perhaps he got it in the service? I know plenty of people who did). Regardless, he doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about and this thread has become a place for him to jack off over his pain and anguish at being a rightwing loser.

I guess, since this is OYE and all, I'll just reiterate what I already said: go join the military if you're so fucking committed to this war, turd; otherwise, shut the fuck up. Let the grownups talk so we can figure out a way to get out of this horrific mess your chimp-King has gotten us into.

Of course, people like Paladin don't join the modern military, because contrary to stereotype, modern soldiers don't put up with his kind of mouthing-off bullshit and he would find himself dead under a cot in Iraq real quick. Since I know the little coward just pissed himself at the thought, I think I'll extricate myself from this icky discussion now and leave with a one-finger salute to Paladin and all the other cowards at the Fightin' 81st Keyboarders Battalion.

At 21 November, 2005 18:22, Blogger Jack said...

Well. I was primed to let Paladin have it, but after Josh's excellent post, why bother?

Except to point out that the democrats HAVE CONSISTENTLY SUPPORTED VETERANS AND MILITARY PERSONNEL ISSUES THE LAST SEVERAL YEARS. As Josh noted, Paladin just spews right wing dogma, showing he has not bothered to research the subject. Have you even gone to the American Legion or VFW web sites? Naw, too difficult, eh?

If you can tear yourself away from Baldur's Gate, Pallie, Check the votes from the Congressional Record and see just how many times Repubs have voted against veterans issues. Or Check out the ARMY TIMES on the 2003 attempt of the Repub civilians running the Pentagon who tried to cut combat pay, ditto Army Times for the attempts to cut the PX system.

I will take accurate information over occasional akward syntax, Paladin, not to mention your foul, South Park inspired invective.

BTW, my Brother was enlisted, and went to OCS because the Army needed company grade officers. You can hate officers if you like, but someone has the difficult job of leading. Of course, the real background of the Marines and Army or any military organization are the NCO's. I guess you probably hated them also.

At 21 November, 2005 18:22, Blogger Jack said...

Correction, the NCO's are the BACKBONE of any military organization.

At 22 November, 2005 15:06, Blogger Belle said...

You know, I stumbled across this site because Karl had made a personal attack on a student at my school. This student then wrote a letter to the State News which published his article including this blogger address.

Currently I am appalled.

Is this site for people who are out of high school? or still in it? The way yall present yourselves in text is pretty horrible - name calling just makes me laugh at your post and take you less seriously.

The topic in my University News Paper, said there was a debate on whether or not supportors of the war have to serve in the armed forces.

But all I read on here is who's better liberals or conservatives, rebublicans or democrats, red or blue. blah blah blah

Don't yall think if less people wanted to see this war fail we could accomplish our goals much faster? Yall hate our President, so your going to attack our soldiers, and our supporters? They are fighting for you! Our nation's security was threatened and your against protecting it? But when our World Trade Center towers fell, we looked to the president for answers. Everyone looked to the presdent for answers, not just Republicans. This is your answer. Support it, don't wish those who do will fail so you can prove some point yall think you have.


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