Thursday, August 11, 2005

Working Class War

Whenever I read Yellophant excuses, I'm always struck by their sense of entitlement. Social Darwinism is definitely alive and well in Bush's America. The sons and daughters of privilege seem to view military service as being somehow beneath them. They fight the war with flags, yellow ribbons, and "Support the Troops" parties while working class kids bleed on the streets of Iraq.

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Staff Sgt. Jason Rivera, 26, a Marine recruiter in Pittsburgh, went to the
home of a high school student who had expressed interest in joining the
Marine Reserve to talk to his parents.

It was a large home in a well-to-do suburb north of the city. Two American
flags adorned the yard. The prospect's mom greeted him wearing an American
flag T-shirt.

"I want you to know we support you," she gushed.

Rivera soon reached the limits of her support.

"Military service isn't for our son. It isn't for our kind of people," she
told him.

Thanks to reader Jack for the tip.


At 12 August, 2005 08:10, Blogger Karl said...

This is the type of civic engagement that Operation Yellow Elephant is all about!


At 12 August, 2005 09:14, Anonymous doe said...

I think I've finally discovered why the YRs are so confused. Many YRs think our Leader asked them to defend HIM. Silly Repuplicans, that's what the Secret Service is for!

George asked you to defend AMERICA and FREEDOM. In Iraq.

I'm glad we got that cleared up. Now run along and enlist, children.

At 12 August, 2005 09:54, Blogger Mike M. said...

Time for a slogan change...

The US Marine Corps... We're Looking For a Few of Your Type of People.

At 12 August, 2005 10:01, Blogger SpinDentist said...

There's some Young Republicans plotting an outing at a Baseball Game here:

Perhaps some folks here might want to make a comment.

At 12 August, 2005 10:32, Blogger Comandante AgĂ­ said...

"our kind of people"

That's just lovely. See, they believe in Darwinism after all.

At 12 August, 2005 11:18, Blogger Joe Visionary said...

I've been discussing this whole issue of liberals vs conservatives in America elsewhere, and at one point I suggested that America has become a civil war battleground of rhetoric, and the consevatives have won by a sucker-punch (getting dubya re-elected).

IF this is the case, OYE would seem to be hammering away at the symptoms (the holders of such gross hypocrisy as you point out here), and not at the cause (why they can permit themselves to exclude themselves from their own glorious missions).

Did I get this right?

At 12 August, 2005 19:37, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 12 August, 2005 20:51, Anonymous MMichaelAK said...

Here too in this hotbed of Republikan fervor for Mr. Bush, good and faithful party members are telling their draft age children to go to college and not to enlist. Campus Crusade for Christ and the College Republikans all say they support Mr. Bush and his war, but so far enlistment is way down in this northern bastion of the veteran and those who support the GOP.

At 13 August, 2005 04:05, Blogger darth.mexico said...


I have a good friend who works over at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. I might be able to find these peoples' address.

I'm in Mexico City, and thus unable to be there, but if people in the area are interested in protesting in front of these yellow elephants' home (or maybe just throw rotten eggs at their house) I could try to find the address.

I'll come back and check for replies.


At 14 August, 2005 10:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 14 August, 2005 15:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and rape them in the ass

At 16 August, 2005 01:05, Anonymous stevenyc said...


At 16 August, 2005 13:54, Blogger Blogenfreude said...

I said that?

At 16 August, 2005 18:55, Anonymous stevenyc said...

brown people make me poop


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