Saturday, August 06, 2005

Nathan Taylor to the white courtesy telephone

Well if this story in the LA Times doesn't convince Nathan Taylor to sign up, nothing will:

Guardsmen Took 'Rent' From Iraqi Businesses
The raising of money for a 'soldiers fund' is found during an investigation of a California battalion.

By Scott Gold, Times Staff Writer

California Army National Guard troops sought unauthorized, off-the-books "rent" from Iraqi-owned businesses inside Baghdad's Green Zone to raise money for a "soldiers fund," military officials and sources within the troops' battalion said Friday.

The disclosure is the latest to emerge from a wide-ranging investigation into the conduct of the 1st Battalion of the 184th Infantry Regiment of the Guard, which is headquartered in Modesto.


Army officials say the total amount involved was $4,000, but troops in the battalion have said the scheme raised more than $30,000. The investigation resulted in disciplinary action against one officer from the battalion's Bravo Company. Army officials declined to reveal the officer's name, and his identity could not be confirmed independently.

That missing $26,000 they received from shaking down Iraqi businesses would just about cover Nathan's bar tab from the Young Republican National Convention.


At 06 August, 2005 13:13, Blogger Karl said...


I told the Las Vegas Times that they haven't heard the last of Nathan Taylor.


At 06 August, 2005 18:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great site.
Karl, there is no Las Vegas Times. There's the LV Sun and the LV Review Journal.

Someday Nathan Taylor will make an excellent GOP chickenhawk politician. He's already leaned how to manage money the republican way.

At 06 August, 2005 22:24, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 07 August, 2005 10:27, Blogger Karl said...

Yes, it's the Las Vegas Sun. Sorry.


At 07 August, 2005 16:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and make them eat there own shit first

At 07 August, 2005 22:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dont give a fuck about people in the volunteer military they volunteered to kill brown people and now there just pissing themselves because brown people are shooting back

At 08 August, 2005 20:23, Blogger disabledvet said...

Many of the people who volunteered are "Brown people" themselves
A lot of them volunteered right after 9/11 to defend their nation
A great many did not expect to be sent to a country that had nothing to do with it after being lied to
Most would prefer to be chasing the real enemies of our nation
Now that they are in uniform, none of them can pick and choose where they will be sent and what they will do
The vast majority are afraid - but they continue to do their jobs because they are courageous
It's not their fault - they really didn't expect the President to misuse their honorable service so badly
Soldiers are the greatest enemies of war - they have the most to lose
The cowards are the ones who "support" the war but never do anything to help
They are the problem, not the guys in uniform

At 09 August, 2005 13:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

they are damn stupid or secret facists if they are going to pretend they didnt think bushie would launch illegal wars, shit thats what 911 was all about

they are cowards for fighting an illegal war it didnt work for the nazis and it wont work here

At 10 August, 2005 01:04, Blogger disabledvet said...

Cowards don't risk their lives - the guys in uniform in Iraq do not meet any definition of "coward" I've ever heard of.
No they didn't think it - he had a real enemy we should have gotten by now - Osama. 18 to 19 year olds tend to be a little gullible, hell even older people got taken in by con artist Bush's lies.
What is a "secret fascist"? Are jewish people in the military fascists too? What about blacks? Other minorities that have been persecuted by either fascist, or neo fascists, do they become fascists when they swear to protect your scrawny but?

At 10 August, 2005 14:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are saying that a jew cant be a facist you are a racistjew lover israel is the most facist country in the world and the us supports them that is facist too and these fucking republican pussies let it keep going on and pussy ass republicans join the military to kill brown people and get there balls blown off when they realize having more tech doesnt always win

At 12 August, 2005 19:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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