Thursday, March 01, 2007

Arizona: Will Blake Rebling Be A Man! Enlist!?

Here's University of Arizona College Republicans President Blake Rebling's official biography:

Blake is a senior and second year student at the University of Arizona double majoring in Political Science and Economics with honors. This is his second year in the College Republicans; the first year he served as the Director of Communications. He gave up his original aspirations in computer science soon after the tragic events of September 11th, 2001 because he saw that liberty, democracy, and the principles of a free market were at risk. When he is not working on the College Republicans or his class work (which is seldom) he enjoys running, hiking, sailing and a host of other activities. [Seriously.]

OK, Blake, if you really want to Support President Bush, etc., why don't you Be A Man! Enlist!? Ask him yourself. Click here.


At 02 March, 2007 11:12, Blogger KayInMaine said...

Blake is too chicken to serve his country. Oh wait, that's what you're implying here. Nevermind.

Funny how the young republicans truly feel they're needed more here at home than they are on the battlefield of the illegal occupation in Iraq that they love. They feel learning how to screw Americans out of large amounts of cash is making us safer....

Spit. I hate them.

At 03 March, 2007 11:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's see it's 2007. So he sacrificed his 'aspirations' when he was what, 16? I guess that's a lot of wasted hours in the hs computer lab .. kind of like everybody else's hs experience lately.

At 04 April, 2007 15:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Liberty, democracy, and the principles of a free market were at risk? Say what?

Gosh Blake, glad to see you're willing to make the sacrificies you so willingly call for in others. Time to put up or shut up, my boy.


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