Friday, July 15, 2005

Yellow Elephants let Women Fight in Combat

Many Americans who strongly support opportunities for women in the military nevertheless remain troubled by the idea of women, particularly mothers of young children, and especially single mothers, being exposed to the risks of actual combat.

One reason is the perception, at least, that the higher-profile opportunities go to women officers like Kelly Flinn, while nameless enlisted women 'share' the increased 'opportunities' for actual, personal encounters with serious risks, including capture, maiming and death, with longer-term consequences for our society.

I salute those brave American women, as well as the men, who are serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and other dangerous places. We need them there, especially since only women can perform some military police-type functions such as searching other women. They have my undying gratitude and respect, as well as my continued concern for their safety and that of their male comrades-in-arms.

The Center for Military Readiness has taken the lead in bringing this issue to the attention of Congress and the American people. Daily Kos fills in what the mainstream media (MSM) ignores.

In World War II, women were recruited for the Home Front ("Rosie the Riveter") and non-combat positions to "Free a Man to Fight!" Now, is it "Free a Young Republican to Rant?"

I'm 44 and currently too old to serve, although current trends indicate that the Army Reserve may increase its maximum age again this year, from 34 to the current 39 to . . . 45?

Please hurry. I'm ashamed that our country has to consider sending single mothers of young children too close to combat because "girlie-men" refuse to consider serving. I'd rather take that risk myself.

The fact that Operation Yellow Elephant is even necessary is a national disgrace.



At 15 July, 2005 14:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honey... us "girlie-men" cant serve. Even if we wanted to. Despite the "Don't ask, Don't tell" policy... they can tell I'm queer as pink ink. I want to serve damnit but they won't let me! Anyway, back to my point... Watch your mouth Karl

At 15 July, 2005 14:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is sexist to say that women can't be in combat really no one should be in combat we should have peace

At 15 July, 2005 15:33, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is a useful link provided by the United States Army:

"Got a friend who's interested in the Army" (Second form from top of page)

Just add the name and email of your favorite Republican hero-in-waiting....

I do belive many of our local Colorado Republicans should be signed up, being good friends and fellow white Christian patriots...

At 15 July, 2005 16:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And another useful resource...

To send a U.S. Marine postcard (and add an email to the USMC database) to a fellow Republican...

At 15 July, 2005 16:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love harassment


At 15 July, 2005 20:39, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... must say I disagree here. Should single father also not be allowed to see combat? I think allowing women to serve in the roles they wish to serve in is a matter of equality. We shouldn't let our discontent with combat and war in general prejusice our decisions in terms of allowing all people to make their own decisions.

At 16 July, 2005 08:16, Blogger Karl said...

Thanks for all of your comments. I am continuing to think about them, and I greatly appreciate your taking the time to share your opinions on this blog.

I fully agree that Equality for Women is an essential element of our society, but let's face it: A lot of people are not comfortable with the idea of mothers of young children, particularly single mothers, being exposed to the risks of combat. This is a fact.

Other comments on this blog have also related this fact to Young Republicans' failure to consider serving.

All of that said, I remain uncomfortable with mothers' exposure to combat, even if they volunteer for it. Even though there's little if anything the Pentagon can do about it, I still have the right to be concerned.

It's bad enough that fathers including single fathers are also suffering casualties, both deaths and serious injuries.

Meanwhile, the Young Republicans and College Republicans are joining the 101st Keyboarders.


At 16 July, 2005 14:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Free a Mom to raise her kids!" might be a slogan OYE would be interested in.

The Sacramento Bee did a 3 or 4 part series on women serving in the armed forces...and yeah their experience isn't equal to that of the men. And most of them were serving on the basis of the fact that they were single moms with kids, without skills and education that could buy them an existence otherwise.
In other words, that was the best thing they could have done, and that they were afforded no other choice.

I cannot imagine the kind of inner turmoil a mother in this condition faces, but to put her life on the line to feed her kids and not see them for years at a time must be a hard choice to make. The children of the women that the Sac Bee interviewed were placed under the care of grandparents and relatives, but one must wonder what it's like to grow up and not have your mom there.

At 17 July, 2005 02:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

your too old to serve? what lazy chickenshit pussy

At 17 July, 2005 07:06, Blogger Karl said...

Well, at least this shows that you're actually reading the posts before commenting on them.

Unless your comment refers to the current Administration which told me I'm too old.

Maybe I should lie about my age. After all, didn't Jenna?


At 17 July, 2005 23:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are right thow, I am a chickenshit pussy i want others to kill brown people for me

At 18 July, 2005 03:10, Blogger Karl said...

I'm the real Karl and I didn't add the comment immediately above this one.

The other Karl, Karl Rove, wrote it.


At 21 July, 2005 19:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am afraid of oye being sucessful there will be more facists and more wars when what we need is peace


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