Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chaplains: Thank You for Supporting Our Troops!

Operation Yellow Elephant salutes Military Chaplains from all endorsing bodies for Signing Up and Supporting Our Troops.

Chaplains provide Religious Support by conducting services of their denomination, by making arrangements to support religious expression of everyone and by counseling servicemembers on a variety of matters. We understand that a majority of military chaplains are endorsed by traditional Protestant bodies, including both Evangelical and Liturgical [non-Evangelical], or are Roman Catholic priests.

We particularly salute those members of the clergy of other religions, denominations and movements, who, along with their endorsing organizations, also feel the call to Support Our Troops. While we have a few specific chaplains and endorsing bodies in mind, we respect their privacy and their mission.

The bottom line: If your religious organization or faith group wants to Support Our Troops, regardless of how you feel about any conflict [past, present or future], please work with The Pentagon to support chaplain candidacies of suitable members of your clergy.

Your Country Thanks You.



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