Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vermont Law School Welcomes Military Recruiters

Now that "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is fading into history, it's time for those institutions - that banned military recruiters because of DADT - not only to lift their bans, but also to welcome military recruiters to their campuses, and encourage their fair-minded students to Be A Man! Enlist!

Operation Yellow Elephant salutes Vermont Law School [VLS] for doing just that:
“We had continued that longstanding practice of denying campus access with regret because all constituents of Vermont Law School hold the Armed Forces and the several Judge Advocate Generals [JAG] Corps in the highest respect,” [Dean Jeff] Shields wrote to The Pentagon July 19. “Nor has our practice reflected any bias against military service as a career for our students or graduates. We recognize the importance to the country of an able corps of lawyers of high quality in the Armed Services and the value to our students of the professional opportunities that JAG service provides. In fact, a number of our students and recent graduates have accepted JAG commissions and internships, and some are presently serving with distinction on active duty." [emphasis added]

[ . . . ]

VLS students and JAG recruiters have maintained a strong relationship despite the impediment of having to meet off campus over the years. On average, VLS has the same number of graduates and interns entering JAG as law schools nationwide that have long allowed military recruiters on campus.
OYE Comment:

OK, elite/liberal institutions, now it's your turn:

It's not enough merely to send a letter to The Pentagon lifting your bans, and asking to be reinstated as eligible for Federal funding.

You need to show your seriousness and concern about the future of Our Country by actually encouraging - not merely allowing - all of your fair-minded students and graduates at least to consider Serving Our Country in uniform.

Be A Man [or Woman]! Enlist!

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