Monday, July 19, 2010

Ben Leming: Credible Candidate for Congress

From his campaign site:
"Mission First."

Every Marine understands that the number one priority for the unit and each individual is mission accomplishment above all else. This is the driving force that makes the Marine Corps and U.S. military the finest fighting force in the world. Nothing deters a Marine from the mission - not personalities, not environmental factors, not politics - nothing. Individuals put aside their differences and work together to find the most effective course of action to accomplish the mission.

Our elected officials also need to live by “Mission First.” When our nation and her citizens are in need, and when it’s clear that course corrections must be made, we need elected officials who will put the mission first and politics last. We need leaders who aren’t swayed by the pundits, who aren’t posturing and posing, all the while failing to accomplish the mission, just to get themselves reelected.
Update: Ben Leming narrowly lost the multi-candidate Democratic primary to Brett Carter, an attorney and member of the Tennessee National Guard who has served in Iraq. State Senator Diane Black [R] won the General Election and was sworn in January 5, 2011. As of January 8, her Congressional website still lacks her bio. Hel-lo!

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