Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Such a tolerant group of guys

At least they're good in basketball, right?
Back in April, Duke University junior, Justin Robinette, was forced to give up his position as chair of the Duke College Republicans. According to the campus group, the unanimous impeachment vote was in response to several instances of unprofessional conduct. However, according to Robinette, it was because he is gay.

There is no proof that Robinette was in fact removed due to his sexual orientation. Members of the group cite numerous instances in which Robinette "pushed" a lot of formally active members out of the group and fixed group elections. However, we are not told of any specific instances.

Cliff Satell, former College Republicans vice chair, spoke out, saying the impeachment was premeditated. "It was set in stone before anything happened," he said. "These people, all of them, voted three weeks ago to re-elect Justin. And during the three weeks where it was discovered that he is gay... the next meeting that was held... he is impeached."



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