Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our Question for Henry Kissinger

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger discussed Afghanistan strategy June 24 in the Washington Post:
I supported President Obama's decision to double American forces in Afghanistan and continue to support his objectives. The issue is whether the execution of the policy is based on premises that do not reflect Afghan realities, at least within the deadline that has been set.
Dr. Kissinger also joins other friends of the Tricia Nixon Cox family to host a June 29 fundraiser for her son, Christopher Cox, age 33, who is running for Congress in New York's First Congressional District [Suffolk County, Long Island].

We certainly understand family loyalty and longstanding friendships and have no problem with this. However, because Dr. Kissinger continues to engage in public debate on Afghanistan, here is our question for him:

Background: On 09/11/2001, Chris Cox was a single man in his twenties; we assume he is eligible to serve in our military because he did not respond to our very general question asking him directly.

Question: Do you think that Chris Cox can legitimately be asked whether he has ever considered volunteering for military service, and that the people of New York's First District, whom he hopes to represent in Congress, are entitled to know the results of his deliberations?



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