Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Yes, this weekend begins the summer, but let's not forget why it's a Federal Holiday: To honor our nation's war dead. "Funeral Duty" by Major General William Troy, written for Memorial Day 2008, is a good read for the occasion. Update: Here's the President's Weekly Address on this topic.

Yes, it's nice that elements of Armed Forces Day [May 15] and Veterans Day [November 11] are often thrown in, along with Rolling Thunder.

Although it's not necessarily on-topic, we think it's good that President Obama will pay his respects at a different National Cemetery this year, while Vice President Biden lays the wreath at Arlington. Section 60 holds several hundred of our heroes from OEF and OIF, but only about 10% of the total. The others are buried all over the country, and in some cases overseas.

We honor them this weekend, as well.


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