Monday, August 03, 2009

At least they're a step up from the CR's. Maybe 3 steps.

Matt Cockerill from the Libertarian group Young Americans for Liberty:
In the grim age of Obama, many liberals have enthusiastically jumped into the establishment fray. These supposedly free-thinking "radicals" are now completely fine with perpetual war, so long as a "trendy," urbane" dem is the one leading us into it.

OYE Comment: There is an element of truth to this. Obviously the stated opinion comes from an anti-Obama source, yet that shouldn't discount the underlying thought.

During the election season much had been said about ending the war in Iraq and getting right the war in Afghanistan. It appears that Iraq may be winding down, but we all know well enough to not call it "over" at this stage.

Yet quite the opposite is happening in Afghanistan. After troop levels being raised, and July being the deadliest month for US troops, there's hardly a murmur from Democrats to: A.) Enlist and join the fight or B.) End the war.

I'm not trying to throw out a strawman argument here, because there very well can be more than the A/B choices I laid out, but the silence from President Obama's supporters on Afghanistan say more than words.


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