Thursday, July 23, 2009

Prevent Genocide! Enlist!

Mark Hanis and Chad Hazlett of the Genocide Intervention Network penned an article in The Washington Post about the responsibility the United States has in preventing ethnic violence as our troop #'s decrease. Fair argument, we thought. It's certainly undeniable that many Iraqi civilians have been killed since the Iraq War began.

But after reading thru it we realized that they have a supply of rhetoric and no plan to supply themselves and their members as Infantrymen for their cause.
Nevertheless, reengaging in Iraq to halt atrocities would not be a political impossibility, nor is public opinion on the matter immutable. The same CNN poll found that 35 percent of Americans agree that the United States should be willing to recommit combat troops in the event that violence against civilians worsens. The scale of the movement to end genocide in Darfur further suggests that there is a substantial constituency -- a largely liberal one at that -- that would rather stop mass atrocities than get the United States out of Iraq at any cost.

OYE Comment: What's the difference between cowardly College Republicans and the Genocide Intervention Network?..............ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, NAUGHT, NIL!
OYE has attempted to contact Mr. Hanis and Hazlett to ask them if they, their loved ones, or supporters will be encouraged to Be A Man! Enlist! to stop potential genocide and they, like most of the CR's we contact, did not respond.
They may believe they're preparing for the "good fight", but it's only if someone else will be carrying the rifle into combat. Perhaps with a little encouragement they'll realize that to prevent genocide troops are needed more than a pack of goofballs sitting in an office giving morale lectures on atrocities.



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