Thursday, February 19, 2009

College Republicans Fresh Start

We've tried to help them. Really, we did. We pointed them in the right direction to earn credibility by backing up their war-happy mouths by enlisting, but they never saw the connection.

Now after a humbling election, ridiculous street theatre, and strange scandals the College Republicans know a sea change must come for them to remain relevant to become future leaders for Our Country.

Soooooooo.............all they did was update their website, encourage signing up for E-mail updates and ask for some loot.

OYE Comment: Leadership starts from the top. We don't believe that the National Chairman for the CR's, Charlie Smith, has the fortitude to guide his subordinates back to prominence on a national stage. Hopefully the CR's will be able to find someone within their numbers with the credibility and capacity to guide them back to relevancy.



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