Tuesday, March 04, 2008

How the Washington Post Hates America

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson labeled the British media's embargo on reporting Prince Harry's deployment to Afghanistan, "A Conspiracy Fit for a Prince."

Tell me how this was an issue of national security? It was an issue of personal security, to be sure. But the war effort would hardly have been crippled if some other second lieutenant had taken Harry's place in the badlands of Helmand province. [ . . . ]

The only reason for the media's atypical restraint was to make it possible for the prince to go to war, which is something he really wanted to do. He has been quoted as saying that his stint in Afghanistan was the only time in his life he had felt like a normal person.

Mr. Robinson just doesn't get it. If a nation's elites also participate in the risks of military service, they demonstrate to the nation that the military action is necessary. Hence the considerable cynicism in the United States that Jenna Bush's fiance, Henry Hager, has chosen not to Be A Man! Enlist!.

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At 04 March, 2008 15:52, Blogger RobinM85 said...

What Mr. Robinson fails to understand is that this is not just about Prince Harry but also about the security of his unit. This was the major reason he was denied deployment to Iraq, they were concerned for the safety of his unit. And I think the British Royals should be respected for the fact they all serve in the military at some time or another as part of their code of honor.


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