Sunday, March 02, 2008

Credible National Leadership - in the U.K.

Operation Yellow Elephant salutes Prince Harry, the U.K. MOD and the British press for working together to restore faith - somewhere - in credible national leadership.

The Sun [major tabloid newspaper] used its famous Page 3 for a poster of Prince Harry [above] which readers could post for public display. 'Sort of like what happened with American flags printed on double-pages in newspapers after September 11.

The American people really want to Support Our Troops in a meaningful way. Other than Operation Yellow Elephant's suggestion of encouraging military service, nobody in our government has responded. This is an abdication of responsibility by our national elected civilian political leadership.

At least Ms. Jenna Bush has the decency to have her wedding, to Mr. Henry Hager, away from the White House Rose Garden. We applaud her decision and wish her, and her fiance, all the best for their future as private citizens.


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