Friday, February 29, 2008

VoteVets joins OYE's front page writer, ThisDudesArmy, offered his thoughts on the stress Our Military is under with the surge and the extended deployments overseas. He also put forth an observation about those that are eligible but unwilling to Be A Man! Enlist!
There is dwindling support for the war across the nation, that much is certain. What isn't certain is why these die hard holdouts aren't joining the cause and enlisting in the military to support the war that is made or broken by the output of blood, sweat and tears from citizen soldiers. Some people probably shouldn't be given a rifle (Michelle Malkin would either wimper outside the wire or kill the first Muslim she sees), but there is a movement of young conservatives that are for the war, loafers and Brooks Brothers, but they're against enlistment. You can find a platoon's worth of men at the Weekly Standard, a Republican magazine staffed by young, affluent men with great interest in the Global War on Terrorism and fighting it vicariously through their countrymen.

A challenge to the Yellow Elephants:
As our military approaches the point where more people leave than come in, will you answer the call and enlist? Because failing that, sometime far into the future, when your grandchildren ask what you did in the Great Global War On Terrorism, you can say, I got dressed up nice and heard the great Jonah Goldberg speak at a luncheon for three hours.

OYE Comment: We warmly welcome those involved in Unlike the folks ThisDudesArmy mentioned, they have earned respect for their convictions by serving Our Country in uniform.

We would also like to congratulate ThisDudesArmy on his personal website, Army of Dude, for passing the 100,000 visit mark.


At 29 February, 2008 02:00, Blogger mkfreeberg said...

And if you were living in 1776, would you launch Operation Yellow Elephant?

Great Britain hadn't attacked us.

At 29 February, 2008 03:55, Blogger LT Nixon said...

If they don't want to enlist for any other reasons, at least they could do it to impress notable attractive actress Angelina Jolie.

At 29 February, 2008 06:22, Blogger OYE said...

mkfreeberg (29 February, 2008 0200) -

Back then, what became our country didn't have Republicans or Democrats. However, we note that the signers of the Declaration of Independence pledged, among other things, their lives and sacred honor.

Today's Yellow Elephants would have been loyalists who would have left after Cornwallis' surrender at Yorktown.

At 01 March, 2008 09:33, Anonymous swag said...

Time for Angelina Jolie to enlist?

At 01 March, 2008 10:10, Blogger Grung_e_Gene said...

I think it's terrible for these antiwar types to expect people to have to put there lives on hold for something as inconsequential as this War on Terror.

After all were will society be if we expect people to support their strongly-held beliefs with actions.

Can anyone imagine the uproar if people were denied their freedom to say, "Why don't YOU and HIM fight?"


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