Thursday, June 28, 2007

YRNC2007 to Support Military Recruiting

Operation Yellow Elephant is pleased to announce its sponsorship of a booth for U.S. Army recruiting at YRNC2007. We thank the Young Republicans for accepting our Patriot Sponsorship of their event and providing the booth.

We hope that the many veterans attending YRNC2007 will encourage those [non-veteran] participants eligible to serve to consider volunteering for military service. [By "veterans," we also include active-duty servicemembers who are allowed to attend political events like YRNC2007 in their personal capacities, off duty and out of uniform.]

Here's a money quote again:

"I think the amazing thing is we're getting 80,000 patriotic Americans a year to join an Army at war," said Lt. Col. Bryan Hilferty, a spokesman for the Army general staff department responsible for personnel issues.

Well, if our great nation is truly at war, our Army should certainly be able to recruit far more than 80,000 healthy under-41 heterosexuals each year.

Many Young Republicans have already done their part by serving in our military. We thank them for their service and call upon them to exercise leadership in encouraging other Young Republicans to consider volunteering to serve our nation in this time of need.

These patriotic veterans have far more credibility than a mere blog and we thank them for stepping up.


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