Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Military Recruiting Lead: New Bedford, Massachusetts

Mr. Nathan Pierce, age 23, was unanimously elected Chairman of the New Bedford [MA] Republican City Committee. Money quote:

The Iraq war has turned people away from supporting the Republican voice in the 2006 election, Mr. Pierce said, "because it has defined the public's perception of where the party is heading. I do think that as a committee we need to more strongly show that the Republican Party is not just a party that falls behind this one particular action issue. It's dangerous when we as a community throw out Republicans just on that one action issue."

OYE Comment:

Well, Mr. Pierce, the best way to convince Real Americans of your overall competence and leadership is, as President Bush has said, to finish the job. You can help by contacting your local military recruiter to Be A Man! Enlist!

Personal participation in what Our President has labeled as the most important issue facing your generation, the Global War on Terror, will enhance not only your own personal leadership and credibility with real Americans, but also that of your party.
If you really want the Massachusetts South Coast to become more bipartisan, you'll Be A Man! Enlist! today.


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