Monday, January 08, 2007

How Yellow Elephants 'Support' the [not "Our"] Troops!

You'll never believe this quote from, made by Neil_Stevens, a true Libertarian who should have moved to Somalia a long time ago. Money quote:

I wasn't aware this was a problem, by Neil_Stevens

Not that I see anything wrong with private citizens banding together to support the troops in fighting to complete the mission, but I don't see how this is a problem for the Bush Administration.

These people already ARE volunteers for this job, right?

Another member commenting on the thread had this to say:

Ow--that smarts!, by bantamwait

I nominate Neil for the Marie Antoinette Award of 2007.

OYE Comment: Hel-lo! Members of are encouraged to share their feelings about the duties and responsibilities of national leadership to, as President Lincoln put it, "he who has borne the battle, and to his widow, and his orphan."


At 11 January, 2007 18:26, Blogger Aaron Kinney said...

...let them eat falafel!

** Yes I know that Marie Antoinette didnt actually say let them eat cake as is popularly believed, but its still worth paraphrasing anyway.


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