Saturday, January 06, 2007

Florida Joins Operation Yellow Elephant!

Letters to the Editor of the St. Petersburg Times:

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Recruiters on the prowl

President Bush wants more troops, and the recruiters are out in full force. My friend's daughter is getting bombarded by recruiters. They are in the schools and calling them at home. The recruiters are given lists of the students in the schools. That was allowed with the "No Child Left Behind" law. She is only 16 and has succeeded academically. And they persist.

The recruiters target young, naive students and people in economically challenged areas. The advertisements on television and the brochures make the armed services sound so exciting and promising. You'll get an education and a career when you get home. Sure, if you still have all your limbs.

Bring the Bush girls home from Rio, or the location of their latest party, and enlist them!

Susan Smith, Crystal Beach

Candidates for enlistment

President Bush says he wants to increase the size of the Army. Where will the new soldiers come from? I have an idea.

There are 1,800 chapters of College Republicans, according to their Web site. If each chapter will have 10 of their patriotic young people who support the president volunteer for military service, that would quickly yield 18,000 troops! They could even serve in squads with names such as "The Gators" and "The Seminoles."

Tom Butler, U.S. Army veteran, Tallahassee.

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At 06 January, 2007 16:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Review of the 2004 elections.

There were about 30 million voters under 35.

About 51% of the people voted for Bush.

So around 15 million people under the age of 35 voted for Bush.

Let's assume ALL 2.3 million people in the armed forces voted for Bush.

That leaves 12.7 million people under the age of 35 who voted for Bush in 2004 who are not in the armed forces. Let's give a lot of people the benefit of the doubt and assume that 92% of them are unfit for duty for some reason.

That leaves a full MILLION people under the age of 35 who voted for Bush in 2004 that a readily available to serve.

Plenty of Bush supporters are available for a surge... if they would volunteer.

At 07 January, 2007 02:14, Anonymous Samwise Galenorn said...

Lets cut the crap.
The 'College Republicans' do NOT support the war, do NOT support Bush, do NOT support the war in Iraq which any intelligent person can perceive is based on lies.
We know it, they know it, etc etc etc...
The only ones who don't know it are those who haven't woken from a coma prior to their entry into it pre 2003.
Republican parents are NOT encouraging their kids to enter the Army. Period. Recruiters are NOT welcomed to Republican functions.
The only ones who are trying to do something about the war are the lobbying corporate idiots who are addicted to their multibillion government wellfare checks, and war protestors.
We protest the war.

At 31 May, 2008 09:35, Anonymous Michael D, Tampa, FL said...

More liberalist crap. "Bush lied, people died. Blah blah blah". Not once has anyone shown me where this has been proven. If the head of the CIA and the head of British Intelligence and the head of Jordanian Intelligence and Sadam's own generals thought he had WMD, then Bush did. No conspiracy, no "Cheney owns Haliburton stock, so he sent us to war to get rich" whacko conspiracy. Simply a genuine human being attempting to do his best as president and protect all of our freedoms, including the freedom of anyone who puts up a blog to say what they want. Our soldiers are not just protecting the 1st amendment for this group, but all of them for all of us.

I continue to pray for a solution that facilitates freedom in places like Iraq with an end to the loss of life, but to quote a popular bumper sticker that I do have respect for, "freedom isn't free."

Now let's see if this site has the courage even to permit a post of an opposing view point. I'll be watching...

Ask all of the soldiers serving in Iraq and a wide majority say the cause is just and they are more often than not, re-enlisting to serve their country in THAT particular cause. I personally am humbled by their sacrifices, not pissed because of them.

I think you will find that more than 50% of those serving come from conservative homes, that value the constitution and whose parents have served. So I would say that the conservatives are already doing their part to allow OYE to have its say.

My father served in WWII for a cause that may have been more clear, but that was no less important that our forces serving today.


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