Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Steve Gilliard Does It Again!

Here's Steve Gilliard on MSNBC's Keith Olbermann on President Bush's "Sacrifice" plan. OYE Money quote:

George Bush is in no position to ask for sacrifice from ANYONE.

He told people to go shopping after 9/11. Now he wants sacrifice? From whom? The survivors of Iraq? The Iraqi people?

We're all fucking sacrificed out. Teenagers look like horror show freaks because an IED burned them up. What more can they give?

His daughters whore around Argentina and he thinks no one notices? He wants some poor kid from Wal Mart to do another tour?

I think we have sacrificed quiet enough for Bush's Colonial War. Send his fucking daughters and the rest of the Bush brood for his attempt to save his ego.


Hmmm, let's start with the Iraqi mother whose son was snatched up from a hospital and killed for being the wrong religion. I think she's sacrificed a great deal for this war.

Or we can walk around Walter Reed's neurology ward, where they're building plastic skulls for the wounded.

Maybe we can ask a nurse on the flight from Balad to Rhein Main about sacrifice.

Maybe we can ask the survivors of Haditha about sacrifice.

And since no one talks to them, why not ask some grunts about sacrifice? I mean, they're the ones watching their friends die. Iraqi, American, I think both have sacrificed enough for Bush's war.

I think of the Shia women crying on caskets as their children are given a quick burial. Or the mothers who get the phone call, which reads US Government, and the next thing she knows, she's flying to Germany to see what's left of her child.

Iraq has created a great deal of sacrifice, for many people.

Except one group: Bush and his friends. He should take those fat, cheetos eating fucks at the think tanks and ship their asses overseas. Let Cliff May run a convoy and have Max Boot drive. Let Goldberg man the .50.

Let those useless motherfuckers sacrifice more than their filthy fucking mouths. Let them do what they ask of others and then denigrate.

Bush must be in a Potemkin Village to think he can ask for sacrifice. Sacrifice? Him and metal heart Cheney did everything but ask for sacrifice. He has no standing to ask for sacrifice. He pissed that away with his tax cuts.

What a sad little man we have running this country. Sacrifice. What the fuck does George Bush know about sacrifice? He's never sacrificed a fucking thing in his miserable life.

Well, if the College and Young Republicans still Support President Bush, Steve Gilliard has clearly illuminated the best and easiest way for them to show it: Sacrifice.

Hat tip to Cardiff Triathletes.


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